Western Australia Oil Spill Fiasco

Continuing my anxiety over the oil spill off the north west coast I still find myself at a loss why there are no media continuance of concern. Once again ABC radio talk back host Geoff Hutchinson had a lady from wherever talking about the oil spill. How many months is it now ( Im losing track) and this lady has evidently been to the site (if site is the word for it) by now the SITE must cover hundreds of kilometres. She observed dolphins and other sea life covered in muck swimming in the awful place. The talk back host (Im fed up mentioning his name) seems somewhat surprised thats this lady had so much to say about the destruction in that area. Media personnel should be pushing for answers, the other drilling rig is digging another hole to relieve the pressure does anyone believe thats going to work? has it been done before? So we are being told that if a gas/oil field is discovered over an area of say 20 square kilometres and you dig a hole you will get maximum pressure for production and if you dig 10 holes in that same area you will get a drop in presssure and little production. Has anyone thought what they are doing here, they have tinkered and disrupted the planet we live on, call it Mother Nature if you like, everything has gone terribly wrong and this site that is spewing thousands of litres of oil into the ocean and maybe doing it for years to come. Who knows different, where are the oceanic experts why the secrecy. Politicians are saying nothing because of the Gorgon Project so everyone is silent and being very money concious. The Federal Minister for the Enviroment Peter Garrett is saying very little how apt is/was it that he was/is the lead singer for the rock group “Midnight Oil” a good name and one thing is for sure hea has plenty of Midnight Oil to contend with right now. So let someone tell us if it is possible to fix this mess or is the spraying of chemicals into the ocean off the north west of Australia something we are going to have to put up with till the oil field runs dry.


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