Oil Spill Fiasco..4

Amazing, after 9 weeks politicians and protesters have come alive. The protesters from rent-a-crowd made themselves up with black paint or sump oil for the benefit of the television but in my book they are all a tad late with their concern. Its a marine disaster thats got steadily worse from day one, and still no positive assurance that the leak can be fixed. So what does the Federal Government do, obvious isnt it, give PTTEP more licences to drill some more holes around Australia. That makes a lot of sense doesnt it. Now theres gas leaking from the Puffin field that isnt a problem, says Martin Ferguson. Media cover for the disaster has been pitiful,but what can you expect from a state that has only one newspaper. No lessons have been learnt from this disaster and my opinion is to leave the ocean bed alone for its inhabitants to exist in peace.

RWWA..Racing and Wagering Western Australia

RWWA is in my opinion a dictatorship and aparently above the law. Its governence is disturbing to say the least. I quote from the governence.
To manage these changes, four separate Acts have been passed by parliament:

•Racing and Wagering Western Australia Act 2003
•Racing and Gambling Legislation Amendment and Repeal Act 2003
•Racing Restriction Act 2003
•Racing and Wagering Western Australia Tax Act 2003
In terms of its structure, RWWA is not:a Crown agency;

•subject to ministerial direction or the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman ; nor
•a public sector body under the Public Sector Management Act 1994

As you can read 4 acts of parliament have been passed yet a minister of the crown can give no direction. The OMBUDSMAN cannot inquire into the method of delivering penalties to ensure that the protocol of a persons rights has been adhered to. Duncan Miller has been disqualified for 12 months for carrying the whip but has his Human Rights been compromised. Who can say,the kangaroo court is obove scrutiny and seemingly answerable to nobody.
Duncan Miller a 17 year old found himself on the front and back pages of the West Australian newspaper much to the happiness of moron from the RSPCA who is delighted that this young man has lost his right to work. Richard Barry is a disgrace and so is the reporter that starts the article by telling us all that the RSPCA has welcomed a potentially career ending penalty. The RSPCA is a toothless tiger and this situation in the horse racing industry is just what it needed to grandstand and create a smokescreen for its pathetic past record. RWWA fueled the RSPCA fire and has let down to all racing industry members that can now see that RWWA is the enemy of the racing industry and will do very little to show any compassion in their zealous persuit to punish.
On page 12 of the West Australian newspaper they run a story about naming juveniles yet here is Duncan giving the full treatment and only days ago and aspiring year 12 footballer was named in this so called newspaper because he drank alcohol. Hypocracy to say the least.
So Mr Barry is going to step up his campaign to stop whipping horses and stop putting money ahead of animal welfare, very noble of you sir and while youre at it why dont you take your kids to the circus and see what they use to make an elephant stand on its front legs. But thats normal eh. I repeat you are a disgrace and a hypocrite. As for RWWA, its Kangaroo Court will continue in its Im above the law undemocratic way.

Article 10 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 10
Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair, and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

Thats my opinion, before freedom of speech is taken from us.

Julie Bishop……Deputy Opposition Leader

After listening to an interview with Julie Bishop on ABC News Radio its obvious to me that this person has no understanding of questions she is being asked. Why embarrass someone who is obviously lacking in the skills of understanding questions she is being asked and just give her a document of the questions and answers and allow her to tick the boxes, please save us from the stupidity of this opposition Armani clothes rack.

Kununurra………After Dark

A powerful story in todays West Australian newspaper (20/10/09) regardiing children in Kununarra is both disturbing and alarming. Without dwelling on the story which is there for all to read Im concerned as to whether it should have been made public in this manner. Its a very powerful story about an extremely sad situation and also a disgrace that our government and its agencies are permitting it to occur. My concern is the very picture it conjures up for any would be child abuser that this situation is on our very doorstep. The fact that the only manages to warrant a place on the inside of the newspaper when in my opinion it should have either been front page or not published at all but used as information directed to the appropriate government departments. This is not a very smart piece of reporting to all and sundry but an article thats well written by Jessica Strutt its the possible chilling consequences that concerns me.

Western Australia…The Police State

We now have mandatory sentencing for assaulting a policeperson a security person, ambulance operators etc. We can now be searched for no reason if we happen to go to an area designated by the police as a trouble spot. Years ago Bill Hassell when he was Police Minister wanted to bring in and make it an offence for more than 5 people to meet up and talk. I think the section was 54b. This is the Liberals at work and with stealth turning this state into a Police State. So now that these weekend revellers are having their wings clipped by mandatory sentencing and not allowing them to use public officers as punchbags the only thing left for these punch happy drinkers to do is to take it out on a cabbie, if you can get a cab that is. For years cab drivers have had to put up with the abuse and violence handed out to them by people who want to go out and get pissed up on a weekend. Nobody has ever come up with a way to change the behaviour of the drinkers, when they are full as googs, its their right to expect someone to get them home regardless of any abuse they want to dish out or run without paying. Cabbies are asking for money upfront to go to the outer regions, good luck to them if they get it because they deserve it. The taxi industry has been a mess for years and will continue to stay that way while the same old crew have their say on how to improve it. I wont mention names because they are beyond mention, they are a disgrace and the cure of more inspectors is laughable and useless. Put your efforts into prosecuting the taxi driver its much easier than making the drunks be more responsible and to behave like human beings.

Oil Spill Fiasco………Part 3

Well Well Well, as if we didnt know that plugging the oil leak was unlikely to work, well it hasnt. So why if it was so successful on other occasions why isnt it working now. PEW’s John Carey has actually made it on to television news to voice his concerns, mind you its taken 7 weeks at least for him to get there, Ive been trying to make a noise ever since the marine tragedy occured but everyone has been tight lipped and politicians are struck dumb. So they will make another attempt to plug it in four days time, well good luck. Has anyone ever thought whats going to happen if they just cant fix this problem ever?