Oil Spill Fiasco..4

Amazing, after 9 weeks politicians and protesters have come alive. The protesters from rent-a-crowd made themselves up with black paint or sump oil for the benefit of the television but in my book they are all a tad late with their concern. Its a marine disaster thats got steadily worse from day one, and still no positive assurance that the leak can be fixed. So what does the Federal Government do, obvious isnt it, give PTTEP more licences to drill some more holes around Australia. That makes a lot of sense doesnt it. Now theres gas leaking from the Puffin field that isnt a problem, says Martin Ferguson. Media cover for the disaster has been pitiful,but what can you expect from a state that has only one newspaper. No lessons have been learnt from this disaster and my opinion is to leave the ocean bed alone for its inhabitants to exist in peace.


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