Brendan Grylls…National Party

As the Perth CBD suffers for lack of money, money is poured into worthless schemes in the bush as part of the deal that that Grylls made with the Liberals to allow them to form a government. Mr Barnett, the highest paid premier in Australia and the one with the least talent couldnt earn his wages if he worked 50 hours a day. Now we have Stop and Search, cuts in police vehicles. law and order a mess. Hospitals and ambulances a joke and an idiot who says we are happy to give up freedom for security like the germans did under Hitler. Who voted that nut into parliament, he even had the cheek to tell a story about his mother and a kind blackshirt. God help us. Thanks Mr Grylls I hope you rot.

Bargain Hunt

This used to be a good show to watch, but it seems its so rehearsed to ensure the morons that appear as contestants do at least seem to have some knowledge as to why they are there. Where do they find them and who chooses the auction houses,the combination of the two makes for a very repetitive hour night ater night. Its obvious the contestants havent a clue what to look for and the entertainers are the experts. I often see the look of frustration on their faces when a good item goes under the hammer for a pitance due to the auction being held in some backwater in britain. The show did have some guts once but now its just mediocre. But saying that its a pleasure to see some of the better auctioneers at work who start the bidding showing the item has some value and encouraging a bidder. A good programme idea, good experts, but let down by clueless contestants who must have been found asleep on park bench prior to the show. What a pity. Nevermind Tim youre ok but I dont understand when you find a bargain you dont alert a contestant. Guess that would be biased. But Il still keep watching and getting angry.
Anita and Kate are great and I do learn a lot from the decriptions of itens and marks from all the exxterts……..Thanks

Daylight Saving

Its very interesting as an early riser that our daylight here in Western Australia begins around 4.15 am give or take a few minutes or so. What I find extremely interesting at that time is, when I go outside to pick up the newspaper I dont see a soul, where are all these anti daylight saving people. Here we are at the first signs of daylight with birds a singing and no pollutive vehicles spewing exhaust in the air and the cow milkers and curtain fading excentrics are nowhere to be seen. This is the true daylight as it is meant to be and seemingly only I am out there to enjoy it. Even cows in a nearby paddock are up are awake chewing the cud at that early hour but not a milker to be seen. Anyway you nocturns got your way and deprived working families of a hour extra daylight in the evening so I guess you are happy.

Oil Spill Disaster…………..6

Well folks after 10 weeks of oil spewing from the sea bed and latterly a nice fire to destroy the rig and some evidence i expect it seems i can close my cause and stop whingeing. From now on the bullshit takes over and whos fault was it/is it will make the headlines. It has been stated it will take seven years for the damage to the environment to recover in that time how many more holes will PTTEP drill, we can just hope they have learnt something out of all this. Ive had some emails since I started this all egging me on and thanking me for my concern. Thanks to all.

Oil Spill Disaster…………5

After 10 weeks of posting my concerns about this disaster in the Timor Sea and critisising the lack of media and political coverage they have all woken up. The pollie in oposition a Mr Hunt has been asleep for ten weeks or has been waiting to try and make a name for himself, he should be thrown out along with Martin Ferguson, Bob Brown and Mr Midnight Oil. The Greens in my opinion are the worst of all, they are suppose to care about the planet but their silence has been deafening. Now the bloody rig is on fire and what was a tragic disaster for Australia and its neighbours is now a monumental catastrophy, as for issueing PTTEP more drilling licences is beyond all comprehension and all the political drum beating and hypocracy isnt going to put this fire out and plug the hole. If there are experts somewhere in the world that know what to do to stop the flow of oil then where are they. I know what Id like to plug the hole with and they are all in Camberra.