Climate Change..Global Warming

I for one am in no doubt that the weather pattern is changing around the world and Australian weather has certainly altered. When I came here over 40 years ago we never really got into summer until January. One new years eve I had a party outside and had a huge fire that we all stood around socialising. There wasnt even fire bans as there was no need for such precautions. Then in a day or so summer started and lasted till befor easter. We always hoped that the rain would stay away for the easter holiday but it rarely did. Now our fine weather lasts till June, Im talking about Western Australia here and my personal knowledge when I lived on the outskirts of Fremantle.
Now, after having the Copenhagen meetings reported to us day by day for the past week or so and watching the worlds politicians and beaurocrats at work I wonder if I imagined that the weather was different 45 years ago. When the full impact of this planets increased temperature comes to bare a huge proportion of the earths population will be dead and buried and it seems to me that most people in this day and age have become fed up with all the rhetoric and bullshit thats being fed to us and the real problem is being overshaddowed and lost. We can only rely postumously that our grandchildren will be blessed with more intelligence than the rabble that is currently occupying Copenhagen and they will have the brains and courage to care about their children and grandchildren.
Small island nations are doomed and they know it, their plight is on the side of the ledger that comes under the climate change-global warming heading. They share the side of the ledger with melting snow caps, glaciers and the occupiers of this planet that know and have more sense than the human population on this issue. I m talking about the animals on this planet, their activities are being monitored by scientists and enviromentalists but nothing is being heeded. Every year Mother nature shows her increased strength and getting stronger each year by sending her earthquakes, cyclones, hurricans, floods, fires in protest against the way this planet is being mis-managed.
On the other side of the ledger that wields the power are the Corporates, big businesses, mining companies, oil companies that suck the earths natural resorces from the ground and sea make themselves wealthy and sit back and watch the destruction of the planet.
Nothing will ever change, ever, simply because we dont have the aptitude or the attitude to share, the well fed turn their backs on the hungry, the rich on the poor. We kill each other in the name of religion the millions of laws and regulation we live by and control our lives wouldnt be needed if it was possible to live by the Ten Commandments. So there we have it, or part of it anyway, the subject of our planet is endless and like those small island nations doomed.
So here in Australia our polititians fight for the common ground and voters ticks and crosses with all their smarmy rhetoric, lies and broken promises. Political parties, Labour, Liberal, Greens, Nationals and the private get rich quickers the Independents are a disgrace to this country, a country wallowing in wealth, but cannot share. Indigenus communities living in conditions of squalor, Australias shame to be hidden from the world. The elderly, sick, disabled, their carers managing on a pittance while these fat cat pollies and business executives wallow in wealth. The Federal and State treasuries need buildings, arenas, change the face of a whole city because thats important for the pollies image, something to gloat about, gets lots of media attention. But the people? who cares about them. We here in the West have the highest paid Premier and he isnt worth a cent of his wages.
So Climate Change….Global Warming just bring it on because you may as well die at the hands of Mother Nature than let these dreadful polititians kill you……….Merry Christmas.

One thought on “Climate Change..Global Warming

  1. COPENHAGEN [AP] – Shocked and shaken by the theft of the Auschwitz sign, the world community must now “take note” of another midnight action. This time its a deal brokered by US President Barack Obama at the largest and most important U.N. meeting ever on fighting global warming. The new deal, which abandons the most vulnerable of nations along with the world’s biologically rich tropical forests, continues a pattern of what international representatives call a “real lack of transparency” by the White House. Obama dismissed the UN’s criticisms of his unusual and undemocratic negotiating process as “cynicism” while declaring his unbinding document an “unprecedented breakthrough”. Obama’s document promises to funnel up to $100B a year through the UN Development Programme, widely known for its corruption. “The deal is a triumph of spin over substance,” said Jeremy Hobbs, executive director of Oxfam International, it “kicks back” on the issue of “climate cash”. Like the Nazis sending “6 million people into furnaces” in the Holocaust, Obama is condemning the world to wide-spread global warming deaths, other leaders pointed out. Meanwhile, outside in the cold, hundreds of European protesters chanted and carried signs of Obama with the word “shame” pasted on his face.

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