Western Australia

Where is this state heading, water, electricity, health, food, grocery costs high by world standards, seniors xmas payment deferred, stop and search, name and shame and police powers increased. This is Western Australia today, and our government leaders parade around like peacocks telling us how well off we are and how rich we are with the inpending resorces boom. All these billions of dollars supposedly on its way in the year (2000 and youll be lucky to be alive) to know about it. What a bloody shambles a Liberal government that didnt have a majority to govern but given the right by an idiot called Grylls from a political party that has extorted money for regions to be wasted on projects they dont even need. The health boss quits because he cant get on with a sniffer dog that cant manage his own finances yet holds the office of treasurer. What a joke. I get the impression that chevron runs this state they
talk in billions of dollars yet nobody gets to see any benfits from its royalties. Why cant they pay tax as well, the wealth is in the ground and is owned by every Australian and we should see the benefits not just the politicians that want for nothing. We have a disgraceful situation here in W.A. that makes us all feel we are living in a police state and being ruled by self serving fools. All our resorces are being channelled out of the country and illegal immigrants arrive daily, they are better off than many. The recycled premier will never get voted in again the Liberal Party has made a laughing stock of governing this state and we the general public are the sufferers of their stupid heavy handed policies.

One thought on “Western Australia

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