Australia Day

Well Australia Day has come and gone for another year, here in West Australia tough legislation to control and minimise the drinking of alcoholic beverages outside designated controlled areas has brought some scorn and protest. The reason for the legislation was to try and make the areas where the public congregate to watch the firework display safer for the general public. The definition of “the public” evidently means people mainly families etc that can survive the ordeal of leaving their houses for a few hours on one day of the year and survive without alcoholic drinks. However, the fact that the number of people attending our river foreshores and vantage points to watch the fireworks was down on previous years, thus making life easier for our police that had less anti social behaviour to deal with has brought some protest. Our premier “Mr wanna be loved by everyone” states on television that the legislation will be looked at. WHY?. I suppose because it actually did what it was suppose to do and that was control drunks that lose control of themselves when they drink thus making other peoples lives a misery. Our police commisioner must have nightmares wondering whats coming next from this mish mash of political fools on the hill. People can celebrate being Australian for 364 days of the years consuming booze and knowing how lucky they are to be here, so for one day why not just let the legislation stay as it is. One must wonder how many of the people that stayed away were under the age of 21, thats the legal drinking age in the USA and they actually manage to survive so maybe our drinking age limit needs to be tweaked if a high percentage of the missing 100.000 fit into that age bracket. So please Mr Premier show some guts and leave the legislation alone and keep it as it is.


Western Australian Hoon laws

What a mess and a waste of time anti hoon this legislation is. The latest incident with the doctors car is a copycat from the movie “Ferris Buellers Day Off”. in the movie the parking attendents went joy riding in a ferrari or some such luxury car. Here its a mechanic in a doctors lamborghin, so lets face it you lock up the car to punish it? the car has broken the law? Give me a break this is the crap these pollies that earn a bloody fortune are dishing out to us. Wouldnt it make more sense to lock up the driver for 28 days then make him come up with $1200 plus what it cost to keep him for 28 days, I bet they’d slow down a bit then. As it is they can get in another car the next day and if the one thats impounded is a load od rubbish it stays in the hands of the police at more expense. Please lets get rid of this stupid Grylls-Barnett government before they drive us all mad and send us all broke.


A new political party is being formed in Australia. The “Australian Seniors Party” is in the early stages of formation and eagerly seeks members. Link The party is being formed after years of frustration from goverments and politicians of all persuasions that have never dealt with the problems of seniors, pensioners,widows,carers and all recipients of a pension that is their sole income. Rising prices on day by day items of groceries and petrol are never taken into account when the budget is brought down. Allowances for water, electricity, gas, car registration and rents in some cases, never cover the basic weeks needs. Cash is needed to sustain a healthy normal life, cash buys good fresh fruit and vegetables and high grade bread etc. (at present unaffordable) We cannot taked discounts and allowances to the supermarkets or to get a car serviced and buy a tyre. So collectively with the comments and groans made on sites like “About Seniors” the seed was planted and somebody with the energy and brains has taken the first steps to bring you the Australian Seniors Party.
Take into account what this means to you at whatever age you are, be you 19 or 99 one day you will need this party to represent you, everyday of your life takes you one day closer to becoming a senior citizen. We that are already in the senior state hope you younger folk make it and we hope by that time of your arrival there will be the Australian Senior Party at full strebgth to make your life comfortable and not grasping for the quality of life that you may have once had. Joining the Australian Seniors Party is an investment in your own and your family’s future, so support the party with your membership and your future vote. This is the only party where you will in fact be voting for yourself.
AUSTRALIAN SENIORS PARTY IS YOUR FUTURE. Join now it will be the best $1 you ever spent.

Toodyay Fires……… the aftermath

The tradgedy of the Toodyay fires is now showing us exactly the state of the situation for the people affected. A piddling $3000 for our state government to the people in need, which must be about all of them. Now the hassles begin as to who is to blame and whats insured and what isnt and the time lags on. People sending furniture and clothes to those that have nowhere to put it is generous but really unhelpful at this time.
The thing that bothers me is…….why cant the unspent money thats sitting around doing nothing in the Royalties for Regions account (close to $200 million) be put to some sensible use in a region thats devastated. Wheres Grylls? in the make-up of things, he put this government in so he could make a big fella of himself in the bush so what about it. Instead of giving money to shires that admit they dont need it just put it to some use by giving it to those that do need it. He foisted this government on us and between him and Barnett its a total failure. Help the people in need. Toodyay…..Collie……..Use you heads. I nearly said brains but that would be impossible.

The West Australian……Newspaper?……

Once again this rag 2nd January 2010 has managed to lower itself to rock bottom plus, with its half page photo of two very unfortunate females. Unfortunate because Im sure when they view this unflattering photo they will be very distressed if not sick. To me and many people I have spoken to this morning and incidently I didnt bring the subject up it does everything to undo what the police are trying to achieve.
The caption at the bottom………Dark Night but Shines on Cup…. is not what the Perth Cup is all about and certainly not linking the what looked like drink affect girls and the cup together with the report that we are the country’s worst behaved on New Years Eve. Im led to believe the caption was modified at some time later. Carl O’callahan should shudder at the picture, he should tell the West Australian to lift its game and cut out the booze promotions. The sooner the West Australian is printed on toilet paper the sooner it will have a more practical use than what its NOT achieving right now. If only we had a good newspaper here in the west instead of this crappy monoply rag.

Tony Abbott

Im amazed at the strangle hold that this man has on the media. They follow him and report his every stupid word like he owns the media empire. This is a person that won the liberal party leadership ballot by one vote, hardly a landslide vote of confidence from his own kind. So now he is anti everything the govenment has in place which is of course opposition policy but he doesnt say anything that shows an alternative to the things he objects to. Bring on an election he says Im ready, ready for what. He s put Barnaby Joyce in a front bench coffin so that will keep him quiet, not that he ever said anything sensible anyway. Fielding the independent doesnt belive in climate change so he is on the Mad Monks side. The latest piece of catholic wisdom from the monk is a real dousy, turn the refugee boats away and send them back out to sea. This guys religious, so he says, so maybe he should give every boat person a bible as he turns them around to perish on the high seas. This liberal twit keeps on about the taxes that we will have to pay, has he forgotten how much tax we paid to get the last liberal government financial so they could hoard a massive $21 billion in the treasury bank when every possible category of australian infrastructure needed help. Hospitals, transport, pensioners, seniors, roads, water, electricity everything to do with every day living needed an injection of funds yet they sat on that money and boasted about it. Liberal voters love to here about money in the bank, especially when its their bank. Abbott the “Mad Monk” is a disgrace and if he thinks he can hide behind his beach lifesavers uniform then he has another think coming. We all know him for the traiter he is, he has reversed all he ever said he said he stood for just a few months ago now he is just a puppet for John Howard who s manipulating this fool.