Tony Abbott

Im amazed at the strangle hold that this man has on the media. They follow him and report his every stupid word like he owns the media empire. This is a person that won the liberal party leadership ballot by one vote, hardly a landslide vote of confidence from his own kind. So now he is anti everything the govenment has in place which is of course opposition policy but he doesnt say anything that shows an alternative to the things he objects to. Bring on an election he says Im ready, ready for what. He s put Barnaby Joyce in a front bench coffin so that will keep him quiet, not that he ever said anything sensible anyway. Fielding the independent doesnt belive in climate change so he is on the Mad Monks side. The latest piece of catholic wisdom from the monk is a real dousy, turn the refugee boats away and send them back out to sea. This guys religious, so he says, so maybe he should give every boat person a bible as he turns them around to perish on the high seas. This liberal twit keeps on about the taxes that we will have to pay, has he forgotten how much tax we paid to get the last liberal government financial so they could hoard a massive $21 billion in the treasury bank when every possible category of australian infrastructure needed help. Hospitals, transport, pensioners, seniors, roads, water, electricity everything to do with every day living needed an injection of funds yet they sat on that money and boasted about it. Liberal voters love to here about money in the bank, especially when its their bank. Abbott the “Mad Monk” is a disgrace and if he thinks he can hide behind his beach lifesavers uniform then he has another think coming. We all know him for the traiter he is, he has reversed all he ever said he said he stood for just a few months ago now he is just a puppet for John Howard who s manipulating this fool.


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