The West Australian……Newspaper?……

Once again this rag 2nd January 2010 has managed to lower itself to rock bottom plus, with its half page photo of two very unfortunate females. Unfortunate because Im sure when they view this unflattering photo they will be very distressed if not sick. To me and many people I have spoken to this morning and incidently I didnt bring the subject up it does everything to undo what the police are trying to achieve.
The caption at the bottom………Dark Night but Shines on Cup…. is not what the Perth Cup is all about and certainly not linking the what looked like drink affect girls and the cup together with the report that we are the country’s worst behaved on New Years Eve. Im led to believe the caption was modified at some time later. Carl O’callahan should shudder at the picture, he should tell the West Australian to lift its game and cut out the booze promotions. The sooner the West Australian is printed on toilet paper the sooner it will have a more practical use than what its NOT achieving right now. If only we had a good newspaper here in the west instead of this crappy monoply rag.


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