A new political party is being formed in Australia. The “Australian Seniors Party” is in the early stages of formation and eagerly seeks members. Link The party is being formed after years of frustration from goverments and politicians of all persuasions that have never dealt with the problems of seniors, pensioners,widows,carers and all recipients of a pension that is their sole income. Rising prices on day by day items of groceries and petrol are never taken into account when the budget is brought down. Allowances for water, electricity, gas, car registration and rents in some cases, never cover the basic weeks needs. Cash is needed to sustain a healthy normal life, cash buys good fresh fruit and vegetables and high grade bread etc. (at present unaffordable) We cannot taked discounts and allowances to the supermarkets or to get a car serviced and buy a tyre. So collectively with the comments and groans made on sites like “About Seniors” the seed was planted and somebody with the energy and brains has taken the first steps to bring you the Australian Seniors Party.
Take into account what this means to you at whatever age you are, be you 19 or 99 one day you will need this party to represent you, everyday of your life takes you one day closer to becoming a senior citizen. We that are already in the senior state hope you younger folk make it and we hope by that time of your arrival there will be the Australian Senior Party at full strebgth to make your life comfortable and not grasping for the quality of life that you may have once had. Joining the Australian Seniors Party is an investment in your own and your family’s future, so support the party with your membership and your future vote. This is the only party where you will in fact be voting for yourself.
AUSTRALIAN SENIORS PARTY IS YOUR FUTURE. Join now it will be the best $1 you ever spent.


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