Toodyay Fires……… the aftermath

The tradgedy of the Toodyay fires is now showing us exactly the state of the situation for the people affected. A piddling $3000 for our state government to the people in need, which must be about all of them. Now the hassles begin as to who is to blame and whats insured and what isnt and the time lags on. People sending furniture and clothes to those that have nowhere to put it is generous but really unhelpful at this time.
The thing that bothers me is…….why cant the unspent money thats sitting around doing nothing in the Royalties for Regions account (close to $200 million) be put to some sensible use in a region thats devastated. Wheres Grylls? in the make-up of things, he put this government in so he could make a big fella of himself in the bush so what about it. Instead of giving money to shires that admit they dont need it just put it to some use by giving it to those that do need it. He foisted this government on us and between him and Barnett its a total failure. Help the people in need. Toodyay…..Collie……..Use you heads. I nearly said brains but that would be impossible.


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