Western Australian Hoon laws

What a mess and a waste of time anti hoon this legislation is. The latest incident with the doctors car is a copycat from the movie “Ferris Buellers Day Off”. in the movie the parking attendents went joy riding in a ferrari or some such luxury car. Here its a mechanic in a doctors lamborghin, so lets face it you lock up the car to punish it? the car has broken the law? Give me a break this is the crap these pollies that earn a bloody fortune are dishing out to us. Wouldnt it make more sense to lock up the driver for 28 days then make him come up with $1200 plus what it cost to keep him for 28 days, I bet they’d slow down a bit then. As it is they can get in another car the next day and if the one thats impounded is a load od rubbish it stays in the hands of the police at more expense. Please lets get rid of this stupid Grylls-Barnett government before they drive us all mad and send us all broke.


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