Australia Day

Well Australia Day has come and gone for another year, here in West Australia tough legislation to control and minimise the drinking of alcoholic beverages outside designated controlled areas has brought some scorn and protest. The reason for the legislation was to try and make the areas where the public congregate to watch the firework display safer for the general public. The definition of “the public” evidently means people mainly families etc that can survive the ordeal of leaving their houses for a few hours on one day of the year and survive without alcoholic drinks. However, the fact that the number of people attending our river foreshores and vantage points to watch the fireworks was down on previous years, thus making life easier for our police that had less anti social behaviour to deal with has brought some protest. Our premier “Mr wanna be loved by everyone” states on television that the legislation will be looked at. WHY?. I suppose because it actually did what it was suppose to do and that was control drunks that lose control of themselves when they drink thus making other peoples lives a misery. Our police commisioner must have nightmares wondering whats coming next from this mish mash of political fools on the hill. People can celebrate being Australian for 364 days of the years consuming booze and knowing how lucky they are to be here, so for one day why not just let the legislation stay as it is. One must wonder how many of the people that stayed away were under the age of 21, thats the legal drinking age in the USA and they actually manage to survive so maybe our drinking age limit needs to be tweaked if a high percentage of the missing 100.000 fit into that age bracket. So please Mr Premier show some guts and leave the legislation alone and keep it as it is.


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