This has to be the best in total madness……….. I was driving down the road and a couple of cyclists were in front of me, one behind the other. The one at the rear was riding erratically, wobbling about the road which made me suspicious and cautious, I wondered at the time if she was on a mobile phone but put the thought out of my head. When I got the opportunity to pass her lo and behold what was she doing? F%#@king texting. Hows that for stupidity, on a bike and would not stop to send a text message, causing traffic to pile up and taking a risk of getting herself injured. Obviously she is aiming for the title tempory Australian of the year……….. Unbelievable.

Colin Barnett & Rob Johnson

With all the gaffes that our police minister makes, plus the crazy hoon legislation, one wonders why something isnt being done to quell the groundswell of public and media support concerning his removal. Colin Barnett Australias highest paid premier says Rob is doing a good job. The truth is blatantly obvious to lateral thinkers. In this mish mash of state government, nationals and liberals there just isnt anyone brighter or smarter to do the job. I must admit I find it quite amazing that there are people out there that actually say to Mr Johnson “youre doing a good job Rob” mind you thats according to Mr Johnson. So whoever those Rob Johnson supporters are I suggest they go and declare themselves Asylum Seekers of a different kind.

luggage for the traveller ….2

Just a little message concerning luggage for your trip. If youre like me you dont rush out and buy brand new luggage everytime you travel. If you are like me and actually go snooping around garage sales and swap meets or car boot sales may I just give you a word of warning. Just be super careful who you buy your bargain from, just recently i saw a case (appropriate word) where a man got called in buy customs to explain how his luggage had been pick out by the sniffer dogs and subsequently the machine that the luggage had been in contact with illegal drugs. Luckily for him the customs officers accepted his explanation that he had bought at a swap meet and new nothing of its history. So just be careful eh.

the west australian newspaper

This week the West Australian Newspaper printed a full page of pictures people and the money they receive for their services or whatever. Forty pictures in all, the highest around $600.000 down to our premier on $299.000 all smug or smiling recipients of a lot of money. That took care of 29 pictures of the rich fat cats. Then came 11 pictures of jobs that receive more modest amounts like teachers, police down to school cleaners on $29.000 strangely enough there were no actual pictures of smiling smug faces amonst these eleven pictures, I wonder why. Could it be that people in those financial brackets dont have anything to smile about or be smug about. Poor old pensioners and seniors didnt even get a mention at all maybe their $12.000 is not worth a mention the top guys wages gets the equivelent of fifty pensioners pension per annum its a disgrace.