Wall St Protest

As the protest enters its second month it appears the interest is gathering momentum as to what it is about. The media has a clueless approach to it and has run out of questions to ask. Thats not really surprising as they are dealing now with people that have been let down by the media over the years. The protest can go on for years at the rate its going and if the funds that are being generated by donations keep coming in its not beyond the realms of possibility that they might just buy the park they are living in right now. Wouldnt that be a hoot. The 1% that evidently have all the cash to play with and distribute among themselves on an annual basis dont givet a thought of actually using their huge profits to expand the workforce to accommodate those unemployed people that are barely existing. The media cannot grasp the situation down there because there are no direct demands coming from the protesters so they are at a loss as to what its all about. The presenters of Fox 5 good day are just a joke, so is the programme come to that the guy seems influenced by his fathers position and the woman who today was concerned that the food the protesters are receiving wasnt coming at the expence of the homeless. Maybe her concerns stem from the menu the protesters have access to, perhaps its better than the one in her restaurant. Anyone with a grain of common sense knows whats wrong in the USA now there was a time when the US produced goods of high quality that it sold to the world, the more production the more work for people, that work went offshore to countries that could provide cheaper labour, everyone knows that, its not confined to the USA it happens in the UK and Australia. So what does the 1% do about it? Nothing. They dont have to, they found out that you dont need to produce goods or give money to business to expand and employ because you can make money with money, its easy to shuffle the paper and reap the profits then share it out amongst themselves. Do they care about the young people out of work with huge education loans over their heads of course they dont. The media should work for the people and ask the questions to government and keep asking if they have the guts, reporters these days are just celebrity stalkers and have no ideals, just dummies for the likes of the Murdochs. Get down there and support the protesters seek out the problems they are protesting and stop asking stupid questions and behave like youre part of the people and represent them dont try to humiliate them just for a story……….More to follow Im sure.


Wall St Protest

Just a short comment for now, having moved among the protesters and listened and spoken to some of them I concider the protest well worth while. It would be an achievment if a face from the corporations and banks would have the guts to make a show and defend their greedy actions thats caused this protest. The police can only be commended for their manners and behaviour apart from the violent action that occurred. which was not what the mainstream protesters had a hand in.

On the road again

After a very long absence Ive returned to Blogonia and it feels good to be back. Ive spent a few months over the past year or so in the USA. What a wonderful interesting place, great people, great food of every kind and a great place to explore. The politics are something of a strange concoction when its compared with Australia and possibly the UK ( I dont profess to know much about the UK anymore as I departed its shores in the early 60s, without regret I might add). The USA is an intriguing country to be in at most times, I feel like a defacto New Yorker sometimes and the city and surrounds elate me and can make me very sad. Ive walked miles around the Manhattan and spoken and made friends with so many ordinary folk. I enjoy chatting to street policemen of the NYPD they are so outgoing and friendly when their duties permit. The respect the ordinary american citizen regarding their Australian counterparts is almost embarrassing, there is such a fondness and friendly binding at that level and its great to be lucky enough to experience it at a personal level. Anyone who has any thoughts of visiting the USA should pursue them forthwith without any concerns. Always remember, Australian is not only about Kangaroos and the bush and America is not only about hot dogs and Hollywood we have so much in common you just have to tap into it. Thats all for now I have lots of stored up things to say along the line so good luck and its good to be back. ,