Police Powers………Friends or Foes

What do we expect from our police or come to that the police in any country we might visit. When you see a policeman/woman on the street does it make you feel safe or secure or do you automatically hope youre not looking suspicious in their eyes. If youre driving and here a police siren do you think automatically are they after me? have I done something wrong? what did I do. These are all things that flash in the minds of thousands of people daily. WHY. Because basically we are scared of the police, we dont trust their impartiality. It seems everyday they are given more powers to control our lives and movement. Maintaining Law and Order is what we expect from the police wherever we are , here in Australia or anywhere in the world, however that feeling of safety and security is rapidly diminishing. The powers given to our police seem to increase almost daily and our rights lesson by the hour. So the reason for my blog, the police action in Melbourne, can only be described as an appauling the attack on a female protester. Her dress, resembling a tent was ripped from her body by aparently seven persons of authority and left on the ground in her underwear. Thats an example of the police in Melbourne up-keeping LAW AND ORDER, seven people police rangers etc against one woman. How many of these attackers would accept theit action were it applied to a member of their families a wife, daughter, son or husband. The mind boggles. I attended the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York a few weeks ago which I might add was an experience of peaceful demonstration, I chatted with police who were quite happy to just maintain a presence there and even posed with visitors and protesters for photographs. Thats the human side of the police doing their job. There were altercations that were dealt with when force was nessesary but there are always some so called activists that like to cause trouble.So back to the subject, lets start at the top, the minister Mr Johnson recently sacked as ineficient because of his handling of the recent devastating fires in the southwest. He is in charge of the police force in west australia, and is as usefull as a chocolate teapot then theres the commissioner he has his own problems so cant help feeling a bit sorry for him. Now the rank and file of the police force, how many can actually go home after their shift and reflect on their day and think of the misery they have handed out by way of fines etc. What part of a mans brain does one change to remove any acts of compassion by their actions. Fines should not be a set amount, they should be in accordance with income. High income earners can thumb their noses at a traffic or parking fine but for a low income earner or pensioner it can be a matter of feeding a family. This is our so called democracy at work. Mandatory fines and easy payment of fines are a matter of expediency for government not an admission of guilt of the so called offence. The attitude is it will cost more to take a day off from work than to pay the fine by post or whatever. Most pensioners know its a waste of time trying to convince any of our bloated beaurocracy. The media does little or nothing on issues that are important to us, if a cop does a good deed hes a hero and gets all the media attention and applause but they dont tell us about the misery the police cause daily on trivial issues that affect our daily lives. So good luck to all the protesters against rotten governments worldwide you show guts against the odds, and the police well we will continue to hide away from you and fear you and ride the slippery slope of disrespect we have for you.