The Premier of Western Australia…………..Colin Barnett

Firstly let me point out that here in Perth WA we have a wonderful river the Swan River, a beautiful stretch of water that flows through Perth down to Fremantle then out into the Indian Ocean. What I would like to suggest to the people of Western Australia that voted for the Liberal Party at our last election is that they make their way to the narrows bridge or the Fremantle Traffic Bridge and GO JUMP IN THE RIVER. As you have probably realised by now your vote for this bucnch is sending us all down the river. This unprincipaled bunch of liars headed by FUERER BARNETT has already after only 10 weeks broken so many pre-election promises that any quality that liberal voters thought this dreadfull person had must now be shattered as the truth and the actions of this recycled political fool come to the fore.

Price rises across the board <strong