Make way for the pollies

Election time 2013, Labour or  Liberal who to vote for, do you care, will things change? I think we all know the answer to that. Colin Barnett somed it up last week when he stated that nobody takes any notice of promises prior to an election. His party got in and duly he through his election promises out the window. Sadly he didnt go with them as we all hope now he had. Will federal bullshit be any different? I very much doubt it so what do we do. Grin and bare it because nothing will change for us, in my own case for a pensioner. I cant afford to turn on the gas fire heater have to watch what electricity I use because the bills for gas and electricity are up around $800 and that being careful. My thought right now are Colin Barnett is killing the people of Western Australia and I hope Tony Abbott doesnt come here and bury us. To me the Hitler control freak style of government that we are experiencing with Barnett  is outrageous and this man delivers misery with a smile on his face. The latest law about to come into force regarding non payment of fines is dubious from a constitutional point of view and certain against the laws set down by the  Human Right Council. Everyone that read the article in the West  Australian would have an opinion, agree with or not but lets face the truth how many affect citizens havent paid their fines simply because they dont have the money. Maybe it will lead to less tickets being issued but why not be progressive and just say for instance if you go a year without infringements you get FREE registration for your car, would you speed? would you park illegally? would you go though traffic lights or stop signs?  Try reward instead of punishment. More to follow