My suspicious mind

As everyone knows now we are now on high security alert. There are known people among us that are potentially dangerous and may cause violent acts. Nobody is going to complain that security has or is being upgraded to protect us all. So should we know who these dangerous people are? is it a neighbour a friend a co-worker? do we have the right to know. I think we should, the more eyes watching then one would think the safer we will be. People that have been fighting overseas for an extremeist group should not be allowed back in Australia so send them back to the place  they fought for. We dont want or need them here.

On the other hand my suspicions are aroused when I see all these terrorist alerts have come rather close to the unpopular legislation that they want to push through so the government and its agences can have access to everyones private emails and meta data. I may be wrong but I dont trust the Abbott and his henchmen one bit. None of them in my opinion can be trusted, so lets see what happens next and what scare tactics they come up with.

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