The war against terrorism

I dot think there are many people that don’t see the vile group in Iraq and Syria as a threat to world security but I do think every ordinary person has the right to know the truth of how severe it is. However on a local level its imperative that we are kept informed of any dubious people that are  deemed a threat to everyone.

We have had so many lies thrown at us since the government was elected that it must be obvious to them that we don’t trust them and what they tell us. Our media sux its Murdoch driven and cannot be trusted to keep us honestly informed. It was said many times before that there would be no ground troops going into the area of conflict but now it seems there will be initially 600. But that’s not altogether true I heard on the radio, 600 is the first contingent that maybe true but after their tour of duty they will be replaced by another 600 after I suppose 3 months active duty and then another 600 subsequently. So if 3 months is a tour of duty the we can expect there will be at least 1800 military personnel operating on this 3 month rotation. The Abbott says the 6 hornet fighter bombers and other aircraft plus the 600 soldiers are an humanitarian mission.  Give me a break, we all want ISIS destroyed and our contingent is to amalgamate with other like countries a fight a full scale war against these vile murderers.

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