Its been a hectic 2 weeks

I have the feeling that my suspicions are not too far from the truth. Since the retiring of the security chief Mr Irvine last friday when he had said he thought there was a case to increase the security alert so much has happened in Australia. Firstly the alert was raised to High then our troops were committed to Iraq with some Hornet fighters etc and then out of the blue comes the raids on suspected extremeists in New South Wales and Queensland which resulted in a number of arrests and charges, one of the charged was/is extreme to say the least. However Im sure everyone is in agreement with the outcome, but how long have they known about these maybe terrorists and how many people have been living in the close proxinity to them totally ignorant of the danger they were in. My past criticism I asked the question why are we all kept in the dark as to the whereabouts of these people and shouldnt we be kept informed before they do whatever they plan to do. Our media doesnt keep us informed, presumably they arent allowed to, I cant believe they are all so dumb that they dont know what questions to ask the Abbott and co. Maybe they do and they cant print the answers because they are not allowed to………….All very strange to me, all this in 2 weeks, Im still suspicious as to whats coming next……………Changing the subject its very nice to know that the Abbott is sticking to his guns and in denial as to the importance the planets climate change. He keeps bobbing up in photo shoots with children regarding life for them in the future but he doesnt think the air they will be breathing is important, but heyho Im sure he will relish in his support from his corporate mates.


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