I Feel Safe Now

The events of the past few days that has stunned and shocked most Australians following the instructions given by  that islamic ISIS jerk to the islamists of the world to cause havoc and brutality to innocent people in various contries including Australia has inspired our delightful government to act on our behalf.  So the first thing they do for ALL Australians for their safety is to have armed sub-machine gun toting police on the steps of parliament house. I feel safe now, the protection of those people inside parliament house helps me sleep at night. What a bunch of creeps this government is, as always thinking of themselves like they are something special. If you look at their faces on TV question time, their smug looks and even they dont look like they believe what the Abbott is saying. My opinion as ive said before this is a smokescreen to add more regulations and controls to our daily lives.

100.000 victims of ISIS have fled into Turkey what a shocking sight to see, I wonder what Scott Morrison would do to them.

Turn them back to be slaughtered?.


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