The fear of fear

The terrorists are winning,they have manage to create fear among all the Australian population. Already abuse and attacks are being carried out on innocent muslims when they are identified, mainly by their appearance. In my opinion they are not acts of hatred, but acts of  abusive or physical actions bred directly out of fear. There is no trust anymore because of the middle east situation and we have become a divided community based on suspicion. So the terrorists have won what maybe the first round in a fight that is going to go on for a long time. The remedy, again in my opinion is to show understanding and not to be afraid to say Hi or smile if/when we come into close contact with each other. Its a sad day when the police or military cant wear their uniform to and from work and have to hide who and what they are and even worse that our children cant display their school uniforms for fear of attack.   Australia the free country,  or is it. To be continued………………..


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