Julia Gillard

The pursuit of Julia Gillard continues, the Abbott dislike of females will never end. I wont comment on the commission and the waste of money is being spent on the rubbish pursuit of corruption. Julia Gillard was always given a hard time regarding the way she spoke, the press thought it was worth reporting on many occasions but of course the Abbotts buddy Murdoch would make sure she never got good press. Strangely though the Abbott has a minister I think he holds the finance portfolio and his use of the spoken word is far from being eloquent but theres no funny comments from the press or cartoons printed trying to embarrass him. But of course the Abbott wouldn’t want that would he. History is in the making, proving that Julia Gillard accomplished more than the Abbott will ever will.


The need to know

Currently we are being half informed that there might be good enough reason to lift the terror threat to Australia. The boss of security David Irvine says he is thinking about it. Bully for him, he supposedly knows there are terrorists among us that can or may put us all in danger. Yet he is just thinking about raising the threat level to high, why cant we be told the truth as to why he wants to raise it and who are the people that live amongst us that are endangering us. Im not entitled to know if my next door neighbour or the guy in the next street is a suspected terrorist? who better to keep an eye on them than the people around them or working with them. Is he keeping their names secret while waiting for them actually inflict harm on us. Wheres the common sense to it. Criminals are named and child molesters are named and shamed if they move into a suburb where there are children or schools etc yet somebody that may cause widespread damage and chaos has the right to have his name kept secret and his/her name and whereabouts kept secret and known only to certain authorities. It all just adds to the level of fools we have running this country who want to keep us living in the dark. If only the government and its agencies could adopt a policy of telling the truth instead of being masters of telling lies and breaking promises.

clive palmer & co…….(PUP or PUPPETS)

 So the liberal coalition with the aid of its other coalition has got what they wanted, a budget victory, a victory that aids the personal wealth of clive palmer at the expence of 20.000 superanuation  payers in Australia. So the chickens have come home to roost, palmer the liberal has returned.

The man who gave the indication he would help pensioners has turned his back on them and millions of other Australians. I was stupid to think that this man and his crew of yes men/woman would have any intention of thinking of anyone but themselves. So welcome home the Palmer Puppet Party go kiss the feet of the Abbott.