2020 and Ruffled Feathers

It appears  the  forthcoming chat-a-thon to secure some ideas for the year 2020 is already causing a disturbance among the female intelligencier. Of the ten selected overlords it appears that only one woman (Kate Blanchett) was invited, and this has upset “the girls”, mind you looking at those selected as team leaders (for want of a better term) I think Im on “the girls” side here. The team leaders are not a very impressive bunch really, on paper that is, however with some luck there should be a few smarties among the proposed 1000 thats yet to be dug-up.  But let me put this to you, we are going to have 1000 bright sparks hoping to come up with one or more ideas for the year 2020. These people can see into the future knowing what the economics and life will be like in the year 2020, I bet they can. But let me tell you this, shove this in your perculator and see if it comes out frothy, a man of vision a man still amongst us and was truly a visionery but like all men of vision their ideas are never implemented till its too late. The ideas man in question is one Ernie Bridge, aboriginal, politian, musician and a well respected top Australian bloke. His idea and vision was to pipe water from the Ord to supply Western Australia and possibly other parts of the country also. Had it been implemented it would have been up and running now and farmers and the community in general would be feeling the benfits of it. In the last couple of years Ernie Bridge’s idea has come to the forefront because it was a great idea but now its expensive (as it always was) but you pay for what you get and right now it woould have been the best thing that could have happened to this state and its water supply.  So back to the 2020 chat-a-thon  whatever ideas they come up with will never come to fruition because the people Ive heard speaking on radio are to personal with their thoughts wants for the future and dont have the community vision like  Ernie…………….just my opinion as always.

More Aussie Political Crap

More golden words from Malcolm Arrogance the 2nd  He reckons that all extra taxes that will be collected and create a surplus should be spent on the people it was collected from. What a memory this man has, Smirky Costello amassed 64 Billion dollars and was againts it being spent by the present government. Does this Liberal party now in opposition think we are all morons that have no memories of the awful years they were in govenment, a government that in the last budget gave pensioners a $500 one off payment when everyone else got cuts to increase their spending power to keep up with prices of fuel and food etc. Mr Arrogance is a fraud with no memory or thinks we dont have one so my advice to him is to keep him mouth shut up then he wont keep putting his foot in it  Costello was protecting polititians pensions and future superanuation with no thought for ordinary Australians. Australian Liberalism = personal greed

Australia the Lucky Country

How lucky can  be, we got a change of government and its emerged we have another bloody Malcolm. A few years ago we had  Malcolm “Life wasnt meant to be easy” Fraser now we have Malcolm “dont blame the Liberals for the problems of the last twelve years” Turnbull.  No wonder Costello and Howard have gone into hiding and saying nothing when they have another “Arrogant Malcolm” shooting his mouth off. They want to support the indigenous apology but want the right for all of them to have something to say on the matter. They had twelve years to open their gobs and wouldnt and didnt now its going to become a reallity they want to get vocal. What a bloody mish mash they all are and Ms J Bishop strutts around with an attitude of Margaret Thatcher about to attack the Fauklands what a contribution she is.  She wants to stall progress and slow down meaninful government and the sad thing is she comes from western Australia. The Australian inflation is a disgrace and its all the Liberals fault by putting up a smokescreen during the time they were in government. Prices for food are a joke, doctors tell us what we should eat for the sake of your health but now its become eat what you can afford be it good or junk. $15 for 10 apples bastards…………to be continued