Profits and over taxing

Everyone knows right now that things are not going to well for the average person worldwide. Average I mean the person/s that go to work and earn  enough money to keep them fed, clothed and rent paid with enough for Petrol/gas for the car.  The governments  say they will take less tax from a pay packet but you can bet your life that increases in everything else will give it back to them.

Oil is being sold in excess of $US100 a barrel as opposed to what it was a year or so ago around $US30 and it all gets sold through OPEC to maintain a standard price. Now we all know that oil companies are ripping us off, they are the controllers of imports and exports etc. Petrol/gas prices alter daily and sometimes more than once in a day, the media tells us the high price of oil and the next day the petrol is more expensive.  So we are to believe that oil purchased on Monday in New York at $US105 is processed and in the petrol stations in a couple of day. Bullshit…whats the truth exactly what price has been paid for the fuel we are using today why is it impossible to reverse revenue to assist the ordinary family man/woman with this burden. Every time the fuel goes up in price some government asshole says they are watching for any abnormality, nothing about the excise its reaping in out of every litre sold. So here in Australia and I would think the USA also, and any other country out of the middle east producers, their oil is being sold through the same OPEC channels and reaping a huge profit on current prices so what stops the governments ploughing those profits back with some of the excise revenue to relieve the burden on Mr Average. Plain fucking greed, we dont count in the eyes of polititians who get their huge allowances for anything they require, the scum that rule us with a smile. Wheres the media? too bothered stirring up stuff about about Heath Ledger and Britney Spears to care about us, too politically biased one way or the other to care about the things that matter to us. One page of real news and the rest advertising and irrelivant crap plus the conveyance for filling our houses with all the leaflets and mags from all the grocery outlets and fast food chains.

Banks…make billions in profits for their shareholders and  directors but the peole who have loans and are battling to pay their mortgages get no consideration at all from them and no relief offered…………… They are the lowest of the low.

Supermarkets pretend to be everyones friend willing to help lower the pressure on families but their prices are a reflection of the help they give…….NONE…………Profiteers thats all they are…………..Shitheads the lot of them……Do you agree?


Outsourcing what a loverly word was once termed as “farming it out” but that was before the yuppie era. So what does it mean.  Well to the best of my knowledge it means that if a company or corporation has to deal with a particular range of complaints and enquiries it arranges for someone else outside of that company or corporation to deal with it regardless of their geographical location. Because its cheaper,  so banks and computer companies and many others I suspect find this very convienient and quite lucrative to say the least. So this being the way of the world today all would seem fine in their eyes as it would seem everyone is being looked after………… Ha Ha  what a joke……………. One would have to admit that there is usually someone there to take the call from  you but actually understanding what your talking about seems to be another thing. I must point out this time that I am a English born Australian and have a dialect of cockney mixed with aussie come what ever and its true to say that right now as a visitor to the USA after anything I say the first reply is “Eh” or “What was that” or turn to the next person and say “what’d he say” the fact is we dont tune in to other peoples accents or dialects automatically especially if they are from another country. That being said if I have a problem with my bank and call the neccessary number to deal with the problem, because usually banks are our local means of saving money or doing business etc. So after explaining my problem, this guy in MUMBAI (I live in West Australia but never mind, close enough) asks me to repeat the problem more than once and after a lot of going nowhere you say forget it Il go to the bank tomorrow myself.  But what if you have a computer problem and this a recent event thats happened to a very close friend of mine, having bought a Dell computer and paying $400 for an insurance against failing parts and after sales support and repairs the computer failed to operate when it was switched on so on the phone to fix it number. Ok.  Whats wrong with it he asked, dont know, well open up the computer which on a Dell is easy and check this and that. Now try it. No good still dont work. OK remove clip and remove video card. Hang on, Barlies as we say, whats all this crap, $400 for a DIY exercise in computer repairs telling people to put their hands in the guts of the computer and not telling them to make sure its turned off. So anyway the short story is after the video got jammed and with neither come out or go back in Dell decides to get in touch with an out-sourser who will come and bring a motherboard and video card and install them. Now as  the initial problem was never discovered and located whats the guarrantee that thats going to fix it. It might be the power supply or anything but this guy is going to show up with the two items but thats not all, he is not a troubleshooter so if they dont fix the problem youre back where you started from. Then you start all over again. BULLSHIT If a company sells you something and take money for insurance then they should ensure satisfaction and this roundabout and swings attitude to consumers problems stinks because its false advertising to give you the feeling that you are ensured of after sales service and furthermore bloody dangerous when telling someone to mess with electrical equipment……………….. Get on with that.