Pets without control

No matter what country you live in the the family pet is a part of life that is enjoyed by everyone and has a certain bonding in most cases with its owners. However pets are given as gifts by people out side of families to children for christmas,  birthdays etc that are not always what the recipients want. Pets in pets shops always look wonderful and cuddly (birds and rodents excluded I think) but mainly puppies and kittens. Sadly when the novelty wears off which in many cases it does the unwanted pet becomes a nuisance for varied reasons. Having been untrained becomes in in a lot of cases messy and stinky and its not the pets fault. So this blog is for those people thinking of buying a pet for someone with all good intent , to give thought to the unwanted dumped animal. A movie star of a past era Doris Day works hard to save and give unwanted pets a new home and never has them put down when they get disgarded by their owners. The URL Ive posted with this site is well worth viewing to see and hear of the good work shes doing. Please take the time to view it if you are considering buying a pet as a gift for someone else………Thank you