microsoft vista SUX


After purchasing a new laptop computer and not having the option as to what operating system I want, I have to say that the system Ive been given is not up to my expectation. In fact to be truthfull is a load of CRAP. Thank you Mr Gates, your worldly good deeds dont go unnoticed and greatly appreciated by the recipients but this…….this, if this is a good deed for us computer users then its one you should have kept to yourself for many reasons, too many to be listed in my opinion, its a dissapointment to say the least. Programmes ive downloaded on XP wont download on vista so what do I do go out and buy new ones? More money for you. What a joke. There was nothing wrong with XP so if it was nt broke why do you have to fix it with this shambles called VISTA. Give us a choice or make evrything compatable so we can limit further expence.