Take Out/away – Fast Foods Whatever

Ive been putting off doing a blog on this subject for sometime now, mainly because I do not actually drive through a “Fast Food ” outlet myself. However friends I stay with do use the service thats provided by these places of food mutilation. Now I know there is a vast difference between a resturant or cafe, diner etc but surely one must assume that “Food” is food and a=it all starts out the same. I know there are different quality of the vartieties that are for sale in its uncooked state and the prices Im sure reflect that to the purchaser who then goes on to cook it and provide for the public in whatever way his business is set up. There are good resturants and good diners and cafes etc and we pay accordingly to its structure and accept that. So put that behind us and get back to the food in the beginning and now its arrived at the “Fast Food” outlet, what on earth do they do to it, there are pretty girls with name tags and young people with tags stating their position in the place and so on. A kind of hierarchy so to speak. But do they have a cook or a chef or someone who actually knows what to do with the food and how to cook it properly, I dont think so, in fact I think anyone there can cook it as long as he/she has a sense of smell to tell whether its burnt or not. The people I stay with have bought me “food” from McDonalds and I am sorry to say for me and for them its bloody awful. There is no way in this world that anyone would put his/her hand up and claim resposibility for preparing what I ate. Yes foolishly I ate it, on three occassions because I didnt want to offend my friends who bought it. Its a wonder food, the taste stays with you for two days thus helping to stave of the need for any sort of food of any description and so helping me with my weight loss programme. Anyway Mr McDonald if you are the same Old McDonald  guy that has the farm E i E i O the I suggest you go back to it stay on it and stop serving up the muck thats suppose to be food.