WelcomeThe New……………. Wizards of OZ

So here we go again the seach for a 1000 people that can see into the future. A group with the foresight into the year 2020 to recommend how things should be I suppose.  I suppose if I was truly on the ball I would have a thousand crystal balls made and offer them for sale to these selected smarties. I can remember when I was on a goverment board in the eighties when one of the members was selected to sit on the 2010 committee and now in 2008 we all know what good they done. School teachers and taxi drivers going on strike  this week and hospitals and other services in turmoil and this is Western Australia the richest of the states. So what does it all mean, it means nothing, nothing more than a smokescreen that everything is being taken care of for the future. None of those selected people can predict next week let alone 2020 so whats the point.  If Kate Blanchett had known what was going to happen at the oscars she wouldnt have bothered to go there. If Tim Fisher could have seen the future he d still be in politics, even he would shine amongst this opposition. and the rest, well say no more. Its a bloody waste of time money and effort. So these Wizards can get out their crystal balls and look into the future but they dont and wont convince me they are any better qualified than any person you may stop in the street. I personally have a lot of respect for the present Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and I genuinely think he is trying to get the country going but I think this 2020 stuff is a wrong call………………………..