Baseball the wonderful game

As I have stated Im Australian and baseball is not our national game but it is increasing in interest in leaps and bounds and as a convert I love to watch it and enjoy it.

So I dont really think it is much to ask for once having purchased a ticket  to be allowed to watch it. But thats not so, if you end up with seats on either far side behind the umpire ones view of the batting/pitching area becomes greatly diminished. I dont know if this applies to all stadiums but certainly the stadium at Coney Island the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones. So what is the reason for this you may well ask, well booze and food/drinks etc are the  reason.  Now its impossible to stop either of those activities occuring as it is part and parcel to some folks afternoon/evening out and the fun and enjoyment for the kids. .  Now there are areas that are designated at stadiums in Australia for the drinker, you want to drink thats where you go, on Saturday at the game against the Jammers  everytime the guy with a beer box balanced on his head came up and down the steps  the people wanting a beer  he and his clients blocked all visual access to the game. I dont think thats fair they should have the sole seating aside in those outside areas for them alone. Hardly anyone around us seemed to occupy a seat for more than 10 minutes at a time. When the Jammers were five home runs ahead and all seemed lost for the cyclones I spose that was enough to drive a local to drink but their champions got stuck in and reversed the score line in a very thrilling and exciting way. Its a pity I couldnt see much of it because the isles were blocked by people coming and going and buying beer. Thats it …………….thats all…………..I think its a genuine complaint and one that should be and could be easily addressed. Was a good game and congratulations to the Brooklyn Cyclones and thanks for the ball plus I bought a cap it has my initials on it.