Microsoft Vista? still as crappy as ever

Here’s another bit of bullshit, courtesy of software manufacturers and gadgets which I have to admit Im a bit of a sucker for. However the fact that I pay for them with legal currency I do think I am entitled to expect them to work. They have in the past with other operating systems and furthermore I now take great care in insuring I read the products recomendations e.g. works with windows 95 98 ME XP 2000 and higher. Higher? what does that mean, Higher, it means to me a later operating system like er let me see, VISTA, is that higher? I know its crap but it is the latest I think. So why dont the product work. I know, just like every other thing on the market thats suppose to work nobody has gone to the trouble of trying it out. A simple photo carrier on a key ring that I have seen working many times needs formating to use it, but a message telling me windows cannot format it keeps appearing. So I guess the real wording on the back of the package should read for windows 95 98 ME XP 2000 and HIGHER if your lucky and bloody silly enough like me to hope it will. Thanks BILL you done it again you want a buy a keyring?

Luggage for the traveller


A very interesting observation has been noted by me on my daily walks around Manhatten. Looking in the windows of stores/shops that primarily sell luggage for the traveller also display an assortment of neatly packaged watches, key rings, and swiss army knives. Swiss army knives? Now the first thing one is asked by security officers at airports is do you have any knives or sharp instruments etc. so why would you think a luggage shop would want to combine the two items. Just seems strange to me. Mind you the fact that some security officers go through rigmerole of asking about the sharp objects (which I might add I support entirely) it seems futile since when you get seated on the aircraft and they serve up the meals every flight Ive been on recently has given me a metal conventional fork and one airline a complete set of metal utensils. So obviously the pre- flight security officers dont want certain individual passengers going on board armed because that would be unfare, obviously its the job of the aircraft CREW to arm everyone so everyone is equal. Odd I spose, but democratic equality in full bloom.