“Microsoft Vista” the new word for “A Total Balls Up”

Well Billy boy keeping up with the joke you call “Vista” the new wonder system heres and the Gatesway to driving us mad something else Ive discovered that was so so bloody unnecessary and just another piece of crap from your programmers useless minds. In the past we have had in the control panel information to Add Hardware and Add and Remove programmes which was and is quite a simple task to understand because it is self explanatry. But not now, Oh No that was far too easy, just highlight and click uninstall how simple can it get even a 70 year old could do it like me. So now the wonderboy and his idots have changed that to “Programmes and Features” that explains a lot doesnt it, after having this junk system thrust on us we have to adapt and learn new terms to make this crap look good and more efficient. No doubt as I flounder through this heap when I need to do something I did with ease before I will find more of the numbnuts efficiency to moan about and I intend to do just that, becausc who knows what these halfwits have in store for us in the future in the name of improvement, they are a disgrace. Take care.