Microsoft V Yahoo

Im pretty ¬†sure Im right in saying that¬†every computer user that uses YAHOO for whatever reason, emails news chatrooms and search etc are watching with more than some interest whats going to happen if Billy Boy takes it over. One of his spokesman on television stated “if we cant win customers over then we will buy them” sure but what will he do with us. Make us pay no doubt, dish up more of his crappy muck like Vista but incorporate it in a search engine or whatever. You can bet your life we are going to be the losers and will miss YAHOO if they accept his offer, but lets face it Microsoft just doesnt have the class to beat GOOGLE they care only about themselves not us. Theres no doubt in my mind that YAHOO will go when the price is right and it will be a sorry day for us.

Microsoft VISTA……….. He’s Got Me Again

Thanks Bill, you got me again, another 100 bux gee I bet you sleep well of a night thinking of all the wonderful things youve done and all the suckers like me that help pay for it. I bought a webcam, about a $100 It was supose to be the bee’s knees all the bells and whistles on it new and late edition. Ha bloody Ha after fiddling with the piece of crap for 3 weeks decided to run the disc again. Sure enough I need XP for this gadget to operate properly, but it works after a fashion to the extent that I thought it was my fault it was not performing properly. Why dont microsoft tell stores to keep new products separate for new systems so we dont get taken on. Most floor staff in these big stores dont have a clue about the products they sell wouldnt it be obvious to blind Freddie evejn that as all new systems have VISTA whether you like it or not that all its periferals and gadgets relating to the heap of crap be kept with it. But at the end of the day its my own fault Im the stupid idiot for not taking that bit of extra care. But one thing Ive leaned and thats why its all called MICROSOFT because all the wording and instuction on the packets are in microprint and hard to read and Im soft in the bloody head for trusting them. Billy boy you should be flogged with a stocking full of goatshit. Thanks for nothing