Aussie Inflation – Interest Rates – Bollocks |Economy

The Australian economy is in trouble, we are spending too much, it has to be curtailed. Who are they fucking kidding. The last government under Howard and Costello amassed a huge surplus and gave us nothing. Now we are in trouble coz we are spending too much. Thats true, I am spending more, I have to coz everything is costing more so its bloody obvious Im spending more, basics are more expensive milk for instance. Cows are now getting paid more. so are apple trees. $9 for a kilo of apples, thats bullshit. So whats the truth of it all. People are spending more, BUT ARE THEY. For instance retailers are saying there are getting plenty so thats the measure that government and treasury take into consideration to determine the state of the economy. BUT IS IT TRUE. I dont think it is, for instance most big retail stores advertise goods for sale, furniture, televisions, Hi Fi s whatever. Buy now and dont pay anything untill 2010 0r 2012, so you front up and do the deal a flash Television for $2000 but dont pay for 2 – 3 years. The retailer get his money from the finance company so he s sweet you have the debt for a later date. How much did you physically spend in money? NOTHING, but you have a debt down the track. Now all this crap starts before and over the christmas period when everyone wants to treat themselves and others and so they go on the spending spree.  Headlines ” Australian Spend Up For Christmas New Year” Credit card debt is at a high. Who fault is it, the housing crash in the USA, Bollocks its induced right here in OZ, finance companies square off the retailers and sit back. The consumer has done nothing to cause the problem but we are paying for it through interest rates and high food prices etc. We are being cheated big time and they keep telling us how bad it is so we dont expect anything better from the cheating bastards. Im sure Mr Rudd appears to be doing a good job so far and perhaps the National Anthen should be changed to “He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” but Im beginning to think that I dont trust him, Im a pensioner and im spending too much, thats a joke a refugee gets more than a pensioner in Australia so what about that……………..thanks for nothing. 


More Aussie Political Crap

More golden words from Malcolm Arrogance the 2nd  He reckons that all extra taxes that will be collected and create a surplus should be spent on the people it was collected from. What a memory this man has, Smirky Costello amassed 64 Billion dollars and was againts it being spent by the present government. Does this Liberal party now in opposition think we are all morons that have no memories of the awful years they were in govenment, a government that in the last budget gave pensioners a $500 one off payment when everyone else got cuts to increase their spending power to keep up with prices of fuel and food etc. Mr Arrogance is a fraud with no memory or thinks we dont have one so my advice to him is to keep him mouth shut up then he wont keep putting his foot in it  Costello was protecting polititians pensions and future superanuation with no thought for ordinary Australians. Australian Liberalism = personal greed

Packaging (the ultimate frustration)

I quite honestly dont know where to start with this, its so involved. Most people  who have a computer or have any electrical interests know what its like when you purchase an add on component a battery.  Even some kitchen appliances. Generally speaking all the things that are hanging up or on racks in the shops or supermarket, they are all nicely packaged so you can see what you are buying in a nice clear plastic pack………. Thats where the f…king compliments end. The frustration begins when you try to remove the item from the package they dont provide explosives so you have to employ other means scissors can help with a struggle but basically its a f….king joke and for people with limited use of their hands nearly impossible.     So who am I aiming this moan at.  The whole chain of import /export command worldwide, nobody it seems have got their heads to see a problem and nobody it seems wants to do anything about it. Pensioner/invalid groups and senior citizen associations worldwide sit on their hands and say and do nothing evidently. Heres an interesting story, I bought a card for my camera from Comp/USA but wasnt sure it was the right one although they assured me it was. I said lets open it and try it which we did but not before they made me pay for it. I used a card to pay and it wasnt the right card for the camera so now they had to reverse the transaction. The money came out of my card immediately and the reversal took 8 days, hows that for bullshit. Anyway  getting back to the packaging, who do you complain to polititians, importers, exporters, are all so out of touch its a disgrace and we have to put up with it. Its bullshit no wonder I get in a shitty.