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Firstly let me explain how I come to write this blog. Im an Ausstralian visiting the US at this time and I decided to take a look at any news that was of interest to me that was happening in Australia. So typing in Australian News I get so I proceed to read whats going on and making I suppose headlines there. Doctors being quizzed regarding UK bombings ,Bart Simpson’ s frontal nudity (gravitating stuff that) and the new seven wonders of the world. Nothing there that deserves my comments or wasting time to read it. But as I scrolled down the page I could not believe what I saw and subsequently read. Entitled “Can we really trust young people to vote”………….”Youth too ignorant to vote” by a Mitchel Toy a University Student (no age supplied)’ on the 6th July 2007 at 1.00 am. Based on a report by the Federal Government which stated “civic education sorely needed” To those that do not know there is an election about to happen in Australia in October I think so I guess it all gloves off stuff at this time. So back to Mr Toy. This article by the way was printed and published by the Herald Sun a newspaper Ive never read and never will mainly as it lives on the other side of Australia from where I live, thank goodness.

Read the first nine lines of this article and he describes why the youth are not ready to vote and are more likely to vote for someone in Big Brother than either of our political party leaders Mr Howard (prime minister) and Mr Rudd (opposition leader) i guess in his opinion, he does not say whether that is a good or bad idea. Just about all the reat of the article is given to telling why our youth are not to be trusted to vote, citing that they are more interested in the Argentine revolutionary that was accused of sending many people to their deaths. They are glorifying him he says by wearing tee shirts with his picture on them and by buying belt buckles and other merchandise. The youth are ignorant of his deeds. So there you are our youth today can not be trussted to vote because this guy Ernesto has been glorified since the 60s says Mr Toy. The people who voted then, presumably before he was born (him..Mr Toy still being a student or could be Australias oldest Uni student) are now in their late 50s or around sixty were they incompetant, ignorant, I was around, I voted, I wasnt ignorant, stupid maybe but not ignorant. We have had many governments since the 60s none very good, still have the same problems, hospitals, police, transport, education, most of these politicians were probably university students that knew everything and who still think they do Mr Toy. Mr Toy says todays youth dont care about real politik but do care about rebellion against capitalism, Mr Toy youth have always been vocal and always will be whoever they see as their martyr will always be their motivation to change in their minds their futures. I for one detest having to suffer the compulsory voting system I tried to get myself off the electoral roll because I think its un democratic to be made to go and vote on a given day or be fined by liars cheats and generally people that are in the seat of parliament for their own ends as proven by the massive superanution payouts they recieve when they leave office. The baby kissers are now out in full force Mr Toy and youre the only one they are fooling a comment to your page was from a doctor in Perth who thinks that all people are too ignorant to vote I guess he means except doctors. Thats an interesting concept I guess go to the doctors for a prescription to vote.

Finally on all this crap the Herald Sun invites comments on Mr Toys article before you do read their publication and their privacy policies and you will see how bright the doctor is. Personally I think the Herald Sun has done itself irrepairable damage printing this ridiculous article.

The beginning of getting it off your chest…………Have your say

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This site is solely for the purpose to let you get things off your chest. When you want to scream and holler and hoot and there seems to be nobody there to listen to you while you moan and groan well its changed, here you can, and many will listen to you Im sure. Some will sympathise others will tell you to get a life but its yours to say so SAY IT. Once this site is up and running and in full swing those people responsible for making our lives a misery by enforcing stupid rules and regulations and tie us up in red tape then smothering us with bulldust will be able to read what we think of them. This is not a site to air you opinions about your neighbour and/or be vindictive towards anyone you may dislike for personal reasons. I want you to legitimately air your grievances about events and occurances that make your everyday life difficult to understand and ask yourself WHY ME. What did I do to deserve this. There are many categories to choose from I have listed as many as I can think of that over the years Ive had something to moan about with some of them. Quite understandably they have had a few things to say about me also but that goes with the territory. This is a site for everyone wherever/whoever you are no matter what country you live in if politicians are running the show and at times it sure seems like a show or circus then you have problems. So basically this is the place to come and have your say to moan groan whine or whinge about issues, events and discontents in your life past and present. SO GO FOR IT. My next blog will be a starter thats bothered me over the past few years just to get the ball rolling.