U.S. Election…………….Dollars

Think back to when the electioneering actully started maybe 2 years ago and then think………Obama, Clinton, McCain, Edwards and all and sundry.  Between them they have raised millions of dollars in this fight to get to the White House, just imagine all the good that could have been done with that money, money that has been given by rich and famous people who hope for special favours somewhere down the track. TV companies are the main beneficiaries along with the newspapers etc. They should be ashamed of themselves for spending all that dough on themselves and their hangers on. Money they could have been spent on schools, hospitals and the needy. They have the cheek to say they want to eliminate poverty, well that money would have gone along way to solve some of it coming up to christmas for a lot of needy people. Just cements my view, polititians are the scum of this earth.


3rd October 2008 tonight the big debate Sarah Palin V Joe Biden main topic appeas to be foreign policy. Very Interesting. Lets not forget that this about being Vice President and if youre capable to handle the job of president should the president Kark it.

Lets have a look at the current situation or how it has been for the past eight fours. The Vice President is and has been Dick Cheney, thats just in case you have never heard of him. Did he or has he ever had a foreign policy, does anyone know what it is or was? Australian troops have been fighting side by side with US forces in Afganistan  and Iraq, does Cheney know where Australia is? I doubt it very much. Outside of the U.S. Dick Cheney is a nobody but everybody and his/her dog knows Condelessa Rice shes the front person and seems tireless in her movements around the world trying to bring people together. So whats all this foreign policy bullshit, Obama knows no more than Palin or Biden. Congress will create the policy thats to be carried out regardless of any thoughts Obama, McCain, Palin or Biden may have.  The Polidiots will create the policy and somebody like Ms Rice will go around the world spruking it and try and do what they hope can be done. On the other matter Vice President becoming President if something awful occurs are you the American people telling me you endorsed Dick Cheney because you thought he could govern your  country as president. Get outer here youre f…..king kiding me, so when is someone gonna stand up and tell the truth and have the guts to say we dont want Palin because she is a FEMALE and Obama didnt have the brains to select Hilary Clinton as his running mate. Obama is a showman and right now the polidiots are turning the USA  into a circus so he might just feel at home in the White House…… Sorry folks but thats my opinion.

Wall Street – Congress – Bi-Partisanship

 Now you have it in a nutshell, greedy fools  on Wall Street cause a worldwide collapse, George W. comes up with a $700 billion plan and the polititians or Lawmakers as you call them here, Lawbreakers might be a better name for them. Anyway these bright sparks that you put into office to look after your well being had a conscience vote to agree on how best to ensure the “snouts in the trough brigade” on Wall Street did nt waste the money. Of course as so many of the pollies have business interests that are far more important than the welfare and problems of the ordinary taxpayer or unemployed they just could not agree on a solution. So without going into the pro’s and con’s which every newspaper and news programme on television and everyone is sick of perhaps you can understand why my new website which will be up and running soon is called www.allpolitiansareassholes.com and I intend to bring all the crap they spruke to your attention for you to comment on and have posted.

Australian Federal Parliament

At last a federal polititian comes up with a good idea.

It now seems in the interests of the stolen generation and the awful things that occured in those dark days of Australias history an Australian Government is going to officially say SORRY to the indigenous families that have suffered from those past deeds.

The Federal Liberal Opposition want to know why it is suddenly a priority while other things are more pressing in their opinions. Its always been a priority all the 11 years of their governing they refused to acknowledge the neccesity to apologise for the terrible actions of the past.

Labour Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has hinted there might be a traditional aboriginal local dance group to perform on the floor of parliament on the day of the official SORRY announcement.

Liberal menber of Parliament Wilson Tuckey just stated on television he thought it was a disgrace to turn the floor of parliament into a dance floor. He then followed up with and I quote ” we might as well put a sign on the roof stating dances be held every Friday night”. Wilson thats the best thing you have ever said or suggested, at last put that building to a sensible use. Mind you, before anyone dances on the floor of parliament you will need to clean up the BULLSHIT first. Goodonya Wilson a great suggestion.


Packaging (the ultimate frustration)

I quite honestly dont know where to start with this, its so involved. Most people  who have a computer or have any electrical interests know what its like when you purchase an add on component a battery.  Even some kitchen appliances. Generally speaking all the things that are hanging up or on racks in the shops or supermarket, they are all nicely packaged so you can see what you are buying in a nice clear plastic pack………. Thats where the f…king compliments end. The frustration begins when you try to remove the item from the package they dont provide explosives so you have to employ other means scissors can help with a struggle but basically its a f….king joke and for people with limited use of their hands nearly impossible.     So who am I aiming this moan at.  The whole chain of import /export command worldwide, nobody it seems have got their heads to see a problem and nobody it seems wants to do anything about it. Pensioner/invalid groups and senior citizen associations worldwide sit on their hands and say and do nothing evidently. Heres an interesting story, I bought a card for my camera from Comp/USA but wasnt sure it was the right one although they assured me it was. I said lets open it and try it which we did but not before they made me pay for it. I used a card to pay and it wasnt the right card for the camera so now they had to reverse the transaction. The money came out of my card immediately and the reversal took 8 days, hows that for bullshit. Anyway  getting back to the packaging, who do you complain to polititians, importers, exporters, are all so out of touch its a disgrace and we have to put up with it. Its bullshit no wonder I get in a shitty.