Learmonth Airport (leave its name alone)

The proposal to change the name of Learmonth Airport takes the perpetrators down to a level where there is no lower to go. The very thought that changing the name of the airport will make any significant difference to the areas tourism is mind boggleing. If the government agency and the shire council and whoever else are so void of marketing skills that the only thing that they can come up with is to change the airports name then its quite understandable that their tourist numbers are lacking.  These people should hang their heads in shame for even thinking of such an awful deed against a man that gave everything to Australia his life included. Charles Learmonth’s name should be incorporated in the marketing of the area not disgarded as irrelavent. New Yorks airport is named after John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) and New York is passionately called the Big Apple, would the Exmouth name butchers suggest they change the name from JFK to the Big Apple to boost tourism? I think not, or would you, heres a tip from me, market what you have, you have some of the finest natural beauty in your area that other parts of the world and Australia would love to behold so get off your fat arses and market it and leave Charles Learmonth memory as it is, something to be remembered as the great man he was………………………


Ive just returned from the USA where  unfortunately nobody has ever heard of Western Australia, let alone Perth. But thats ok, thats not the fault of the citizens of the USA its our bad tourist beareau that is so short sighted it allows the Eastern side of our country to dictate what anyone knows about Australia and we dont get a mention. Amyway thats another subject. Ive arrived home in time for the general election and the right to be made to vote (like it or not or be procecuted) so having been spared all the crap that spills from the mouths of the Camberra Liars during the past six months I have to make a decision who to vote for.  There isnt one of them I personally have respect for and whoever wins the job to govern will be no different from the last. The liberals are far from liberal and are just outright conservatives and only for the monied classes. They have displayed their priorities  over the past four years  by achieving nothing that hasnt been of direct benefit to themselves. They scorn the elderly and young alike. The Labour party well what does that mean, how many of them have ever done a days labour many years ago the labour party  base was men that had come from the shop floor and had actually got their hands dirty. Not now, now they all attend university to study politics and are all tarred with the same brush nothing more than a bunch of carpetbaggers. So will we see the end of John and have his replacement the grinning fool who actually thinks he is funny, god help us dont let Costello loose on us. OR will it be the the good ship Labour hope to steer and navigate its way into our hearts with a new RUDD-ER and no doubt more promises to break. It doesnt matter does its going to happen whoever wins will win for themselves not us thats the way its been and thats the way it will stay. I just hate that I have to give up my time to go and vote for these awful people, whichever way it is punishment for not voting or punishment afterwards whoever wins. Its going to be punishment in one form or another. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU. I guess theres one thing we should be happy about. we only got this mumbling jerk John, the Yanks have got George Bush what punishment that is…………….bye