The fuerer the councils and Kalamunda

Western Australians are furious about the merging of councils. Mr Arrogant couldn’t care less what you think, you voted for him and you got what you deserve. John Day  (Mr Blue Riband) the Barnett yes man has done nothing to assist the Kalamunda folk in their attempts to thwart the amalgamation with the City Of Belmont. For years Day has been a wet rag for the shire yet he still gets voted in by the Kalamunda liberal  fools. Lets face it you have got what you deserve and now youre bellyaching and you will still vote this fool in next election. So put up with it and blame yourselves for selling us down the river.

Abbott the twit

Monday the 13th oct 2014, Im going to shirtfront Putin when/if he comes here for the G20 meeting says the Abbott.

Tuesday the 14 Oct 2014.  When asked if he stood by what he said the day before out came all the ums and ahs and ers backtracking and realising what a fool he really is.


Hockey the twat cant get his budget passed billions he cant make up. Yet business and banks still make billions of dollars profit.

How come the banks do so well? I wonder if its because we never see our money anymore and evry transaction of what ever kind the banks make something out of it. Years ago it was never like that and there is a reason for that in my opinion. In days gone by we all went to work and at the end of the week we got paid in real money, then we made the decision whether we went to the bank and gave them what we could afford if we had any spare. But not now, we dont see our money everything is a transaction and has a cost. Hidden costs that we dont even know about but they make billions of dollars in profit. So why doesnt cigar smoking Joe grab some back off the banks to make up his shortfall. How much are governments under the banks thumb who controls what. Pay the worker in cash and let him/her make their own decisions what they do with their money.


So Indonesia is going to update all its military hardware from guns to battleships, submarines etc, must be nice to have that kind of money to spend. So how many millions of dollars did the Australian people give to Indonesia when the had the tsunami and they were crying poverty to the rest of the world. They done well to recover so well to be able to go shopping on such a large scale. Australias generosity taken for a ride again.

Isnt it becoming somewhat predictable

Firstly the speaker, Bishop the elder leads a move to ban the bhurka in parliament and along comes the Abbott to countermand the order. Good ole Abbott. Secondly the finance minister tells us theres a strong chance taxes will be raised to pay for the ISIS crisis the along comes Sir Galahad Abbott and says that will not be so but fails to say where the money is coming from to fund this war. Oh sorry this humanitarian incursion. I think this whole charade is to elevate the profile of the Abbott and this shonky government.

Its been a hectic 2 weeks

Moans Groans Whines & Whinges

I have the feeling that my suspicions are not too far from the truth. Since the retiring of the security chief Mr Irvine last friday when he had said he thought there was a case to increase the security alert so much has happened in Australia. Firstly the alert was raised to High then our troops were committed to Iraq with some Hornet fighters etc and then out of the blue comes the raids on suspected extremeists in New South Wales and Queensland which resulted in a number of arrests and charges, one of the charged was/is extreme to say the least. However Im sure everyone is in agreement with the outcome, but how long have they known about these maybe terrorists and how many people have been living in the close proxinity to them totally ignorant of the danger they were in. My past criticism I asked the question…

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