U.S. Election…………..Wall Street

Now all the debates are over and confusion still reigns supreme there are still doubfuls and hopefulls that dont know who to vote for.  How could they most of the the time leading up to this election has been spent trying to nail the vice presidential nominees to the cross. Foreign policy is a big issue and who knows the most about it. Meanwhile Wall St is at rock bottom (Americas new Skid Row) and argueing who is going to do what with their share of the hand out. But  Sarah Palins comment that she can see Russia from Alaska is far more important in the media than the price of food gas and mortgages etc. So who is the shining star thats going to put everything right my thoughts are neither of them. Whoever wins this election is heading into a political minefield and capitol hill is going to be a battleground for polititians that let this all happen. Also is everyone convinced that th true losses on Wall Street have been disclosed or are there more to come, other banks waiting on the sidelnes ready disclose losses and get another hadout? Who knows I personally think there are. The statements of losses and the acceptances of it by the government and the eventual payout to the same people who lost it was too cut and dried for my liking. So with the world waiting to see who is going to be in charge of the US in the next 4 years lets hope the new president or superman which he is going to have to be really knows what he needs to do and knows more than the debates have shown

Wall Street – Congress – Bi-Partisanship

 Now you have it in a nutshell, greedy fools  on Wall Street cause a worldwide collapse, George W. comes up with a $700 billion plan and the polititians or Lawmakers as you call them here, Lawbreakers might be a better name for them. Anyway these bright sparks that you put into office to look after your well being had a conscience vote to agree on how best to ensure the “snouts in the trough brigade” on Wall Street did nt waste the money. Of course as so many of the pollies have business interests that are far more important than the welfare and problems of the ordinary taxpayer or unemployed they just could not agree on a solution. So without going into the pro’s and con’s which every newspaper and news programme on television and everyone is sick of perhaps you can understand why my new website which will be up and running soon is called www.allpolitiansareassholes.com and I intend to bring all the crap they spruke to your attention for you to comment on and have posted.