Daylight Saving – Western Australia

Well as we come close to end of our trial of daylight saving I dont think anyone will disagree with me that it certainly needs some tweeking. I suppose Im right in saying that by and large most people have got used to it, although I personally thought the heat at the late afternoon was not for me. Generally I enjoy the hot summer days and cooling off in the afternnons, but thats me. However I think it is painfully obvious that our daylight saving has gone on one month too long. Here we are nearing the end of  March and its still twilight nearing 8pm which to me is ridiculous. At the other end of the scale its pitch dark around 7am.  On Monday the 24th  of March there was a full moon and at 6.50am  it was full moonlight until dawn arrived after 7am. So for me and everyone I have spoken to they are all in agreement that daylight saving should be terminated at least by the end of February……….thank you Mr Minister for whatever.

Milk…………in Australia

This blog is rather personal to me and my criticism may not br shared be shared by everyone or anyone come to that. Well years ago milk was delivered to the door in a bottle with a gold or silver top sealing it and a couple of inches of lovely cream visually at the top. We used to have to make sure we got ours inside quickly or we had to share the cream with the magpies that lurked around. Milk then was a lovely drink I could demolish a bottle full of milk on a hot summers day in a blink.  I worked at the rear of a milk distribution centre so it was available at anytime and it was a pleasure to drink. So we come to 2008, in fact the last few years, I dont drink milk anymore I occasionally may put it over cerial and thats all. What has happened to it? white water, tasteless, no cream, expensive and who knows how they whoever THEY are get it to this state. To sum it up in one word its RUBBISH. A very interesting advertisment on TV here in West Australia shows a guy promoting Woolworths making sure its meat is up to standard with this bloke visiting a beef cattle property and making sure the quality of the beef is good. Its a pity Woolworths dont get this bloke to visit a dairy farm and seek out some quality there. He will find it there as it leaves the cow and that where it ends, its a terrible shame that such a lovely animal that produces such a wonderful product has to be associated with the rubbish that ends up in the supermarkets for human consumption at such an exorbitant price.  Thats my view of the milk situation here and I shall continue to be a milk abstainer until I can afford my own cow…………thanks

2020 and Ruffled Feathers

It appears  the  forthcoming chat-a-thon to secure some ideas for the year 2020 is already causing a disturbance among the female intelligencier. Of the ten selected overlords it appears that only one woman (Kate Blanchett) was invited, and this has upset “the girls”, mind you looking at those selected as team leaders (for want of a better term) I think Im on “the girls” side here. The team leaders are not a very impressive bunch really, on paper that is, however with some luck there should be a few smarties among the proposed 1000 thats yet to be dug-up.  But let me put this to you, we are going to have 1000 bright sparks hoping to come up with one or more ideas for the year 2020. These people can see into the future knowing what the economics and life will be like in the year 2020, I bet they can. But let me tell you this, shove this in your perculator and see if it comes out frothy, a man of vision a man still amongst us and was truly a visionery but like all men of vision their ideas are never implemented till its too late. The ideas man in question is one Ernie Bridge, aboriginal, politian, musician and a well respected top Australian bloke. His idea and vision was to pipe water from the Ord to supply Western Australia and possibly other parts of the country also. Had it been implemented it would have been up and running now and farmers and the community in general would be feeling the benfits of it. In the last couple of years Ernie Bridge’s idea has come to the forefront because it was a great idea but now its expensive (as it always was) but you pay for what you get and right now it woould have been the best thing that could have happened to this state and its water supply.  So back to the 2020 chat-a-thon  whatever ideas they come up with will never come to fruition because the people Ive heard speaking on radio are to personal with their thoughts wants for the future and dont have the community vision like  Ernie…………….just my opinion as always.

WelcomeThe New……………. Wizards of OZ

So here we go again the seach for a 1000 people that can see into the future. A group with the foresight into the year 2020 to recommend how things should be I suppose.  I suppose if I was truly on the ball I would have a thousand crystal balls made and offer them for sale to these selected smarties. I can remember when I was on a goverment board in the eighties when one of the members was selected to sit on the 2010 committee and now in 2008 we all know what good they done. School teachers and taxi drivers going on strike  this week and hospitals and other services in turmoil and this is Western Australia the richest of the states. So what does it all mean, it means nothing, nothing more than a smokescreen that everything is being taken care of for the future. None of those selected people can predict next week let alone 2020 so whats the point.  If Kate Blanchett had known what was going to happen at the oscars she wouldnt have bothered to go there. If Tim Fisher could have seen the future he d still be in politics, even he would shine amongst this opposition. and the rest, well say no more. Its a bloody waste of time money and effort. So these Wizards can get out their crystal balls and look into the future but they dont and wont convince me they are any better qualified than any person you may stop in the street. I personally have a lot of respect for the present Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and I genuinely think he is trying to get the country going but I think this 2020 stuff is a wrong call………………………..

Bush Fires

Every year all over Australia we have the “Bush Fire Season” its made to sound like its an event to look forward to but every year there are teffible consequences and awful injuries and sometimes loss of life and property. The recent tradgedy involving the trucks that were permitted to travel through fire affected country opens up some interesting discussion, photographs in the media of the stricken trucks and the and the burned out bush makes me ask this question. Why do we have these huge trucks travelling on on piddly little roads that are still no more than camel tracks, there is nothing GREAT about the Eastern Highway its narrow, look at the photos of the burned out trucks and see the revelance to the size of truck to width of road. There is no shortage of space in the bush plenty of room to build aroad where trucks should be able to turn around. With all the bush country thats up there through the wheatbelt and on to the goldfields  the Great Eastern Highway wouldnt qualify as a decent fire break in the area that catastrohpe occured but nobody mentions it and I guess nobody will. Was a very sad day for Western Australia and the short sighted authorities that have no planning ability or forsight. An awful day indeed I hope somebody will learn from the mistakes and make sure it never happens again.


Ive just returned from the USA where  unfortunately nobody has ever heard of Western Australia, let alone Perth. But thats ok, thats not the fault of the citizens of the USA its our bad tourist beareau that is so short sighted it allows the Eastern side of our country to dictate what anyone knows about Australia and we dont get a mention. Amyway thats another subject. Ive arrived home in time for the general election and the right to be made to vote (like it or not or be procecuted) so having been spared all the crap that spills from the mouths of the Camberra Liars during the past six months I have to make a decision who to vote for.  There isnt one of them I personally have respect for and whoever wins the job to govern will be no different from the last. The liberals are far from liberal and are just outright conservatives and only for the monied classes. They have displayed their priorities  over the past four years  by achieving nothing that hasnt been of direct benefit to themselves. They scorn the elderly and young alike. The Labour party well what does that mean, how many of them have ever done a days labour many years ago the labour party  base was men that had come from the shop floor and had actually got their hands dirty. Not now, now they all attend university to study politics and are all tarred with the same brush nothing more than a bunch of carpetbaggers. So will we see the end of John and have his replacement the grinning fool who actually thinks he is funny, god help us dont let Costello loose on us. OR will it be the the good ship Labour hope to steer and navigate its way into our hearts with a new RUDD-ER and no doubt more promises to break. It doesnt matter does its going to happen whoever wins will win for themselves not us thats the way its been and thats the way it will stay. I just hate that I have to give up my time to go and vote for these awful people, whichever way it is punishment for not voting or punishment afterwards whoever wins. Its going to be punishment in one form or another. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU. I guess theres one thing we should be happy about. we only got this mumbling jerk John, the Yanks have got George Bush what punishment that is…………….bye