The Premier of Western Australia…………..Colin Barnett

Firstly let me point out that here in Perth WA we have a wonderful river the Swan River, a beautiful stretch of water that flows through Perth down to Fremantle then out into the Indian Ocean. What I would like to suggest to the people of Western Australia that voted for the Liberal Party at our last election is that they make their way to the narrows bridge or the Fremantle Traffic Bridge and GO JUMP IN THE RIVER. As you have probably realised by now your vote for this bucnch is sending us all down the river. This unprincipaled bunch of liars headed by FUERER BARNETT has already after only 10 weeks broken so many pre-election promises that any quality that liberal voters thought this dreadfull person had must now be shattered as the truth and the actions of this recycled political fool come to the fore.

Price rises across the board <strong


Oil Companies….Modern Day bandits or Highwaymen

Its amazing how things change. Once upon a time travellers used to get robbed when they went from one place to another by highwaymen and bandits. Not now, the modern highwayman and bandit robs you before you start out but he goes under the name of oil companies. What I think is odd is that the price per barrel in New York varies from say $50 to $70 firm etc and yet when it gets to the petrol or gas pump the dollar changes and theres a point nine in there. How do they manage to devide the barrel up and arrive at $1.15.9 cents. Who endorced this decimal cheating. Why isnt it applied to milk or lemonade? they are liquids. We are robbed everyday and governments permit it, supermarkets charge $5.98 for honey yet the lowest coin is five cents so you lose two cents. Plain thieving and we poor bastards have to put up with it.

Oil Spill Fiasco..4

Amazing, after 9 weeks politicians and protesters have come alive. The protesters from rent-a-crowd made themselves up with black paint or sump oil for the benefit of the television but in my book they are all a tad late with their concern. Its a marine disaster thats got steadily worse from day one, and still no positive assurance that the leak can be fixed. So what does the Federal Government do, obvious isnt it, give PTTEP more licences to drill some more holes around Australia. That makes a lot of sense doesnt it. Now theres gas leaking from the Puffin field that isnt a problem, says Martin Ferguson. Media cover for the disaster has been pitiful,but what can you expect from a state that has only one newspaper. No lessons have been learnt from this disaster and my opinion is to leave the ocean bed alone for its inhabitants to exist in peace.

Western Australia Oil Spill Fiasco

Continuing my anxiety over the oil spill off the north west coast I still find myself at a loss why there are no media continuance of concern. Once again ABC radio talk back host Geoff Hutchinson had a lady from wherever talking about the oil spill. How many months is it now ( Im losing track) and this lady has evidently been to the site (if site is the word for it) by now the SITE must cover hundreds of kilometres. She observed dolphins and other sea life covered in muck swimming in the awful place. The talk back host (Im fed up mentioning his name) seems somewhat surprised thats this lady had so much to say about the destruction in that area. Media personnel should be pushing for answers, the other drilling rig is digging another hole to relieve the pressure does anyone believe thats going to work? has it been done before? So we are being told that if a gas/oil field is discovered over an area of say 20 square kilometres and you dig a hole you will get maximum pressure for production and if you dig 10 holes in that same area you will get a drop in presssure and little production. Has anyone thought what they are doing here, they have tinkered and disrupted the planet we live on, call it Mother Nature if you like, everything has gone terribly wrong and this site that is spewing thousands of litres of oil into the ocean and maybe doing it for years to come. Who knows different, where are the oceanic experts why the secrecy. Politicians are saying nothing because of the Gorgon Project so everyone is silent and being very money concious. The Federal Minister for the Enviroment Peter Garrett is saying very little how apt is/was it that he was/is the lead singer for the rock group “Midnight Oil” a good name and one thing is for sure hea has plenty of Midnight Oil to contend with right now. So let someone tell us if it is possible to fix this mess or is the spraying of chemicals into the ocean off the north west of Australia something we are going to have to put up with till the oil field runs dry.

Climate Change………..Emission Trading Etc.

Australia is about to lead he way with Climate Control and undertake to lead the way in saving our planet. Sounds good doesnt it, Australia a world leader, showing the world what needs to be done. Its a wonderful subject at this time and all the media is full of it, doesnt matter which way you turn you front it head on. At a massive cost we are going to undertake this task and lead the world. Saving this planet is not a one nation job there are still nations that are not signatories to Kyoto. Nevertheless heads down and ass up we are going to show them. But what does it mean to Mr/Mrs/Ms Average the ordinary person, it means what we are told is that everything is going to be more expensive and we will be compensated. Like F…k we will, no government anywhere has ever delivered a fair share policy to average citizens and this Australian Government wont either. The main worries already is the big companies getting their hands on whatever money the emission trading permits generate and when its all broken down you know who the losers are going to be dont you, US the idiots that put our faith in the polititiians even though we know they are the biggest liars that God shovelled guts into, especially the Australian Opposition who when in government over the 12 years preceeding november wouldnt even sign up for Kyoto and have never shown any sign of any guts at all. So what does it all mean to the average person, we are not stupid enough to not know  that it is important for the future of the planet and the future of the generations to come, so why are we worried or more to the point why am I worried.   I acknowledge the Greenhouse Effect is a major world problem and has to be dealt with, sooner than later but I query the timing and the shadow effect it is having on other issues that affect me and people like me daily. The price of petrol/gas and food and transport are everyday problems right NOW. NOW, today and tomorrow and there is no let up in sight, only more of the same gloom. $A 21 was awarded to day for lower income earners to take effect in October, 3 months away, thats supposed to help. Pensioners have to wait until a report due in February comes out to see if they are in need, so the best you can hope for there is something in the May budget. If a polititian gets a pay rise it takes immediate effect, them and us, rich and poor. The sad thing is a fortune is spent on military equipment and logistical infrastructure when the reality is if this country Australia was attacked we with these pollies that cant organise peacetime social problems do not have the brains to organise the country’s defence. Yet most of the budget is spent on defence.

Im sorry and fully aware the icecaps are melting and the temerature is rising at an alarming rate and something has to be done and should be done. But lets take care of the people who are trying to live in todays world first and let them provide the energy it takes to give full support to world issues. This can only be achieved when we the ordinary people have a full stomach and have a feeling of security thats not being eroded by big businesses and polititians………..thats my view.

Never Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Never put all your eggs in one basket, I dont know who is attributed to saying that and I cant be bothered to find out. I think the government of the state of Western Australia should though, what a balls up they have made with this gas chaos. It beggars belief that with all the resourses in the north west just one dim witted company with no forsight and no government overview for a back up plan can throw the state into such a mess.  The amazing thing is they dont have the equipment here in Australia to fix it, but theres a chance they might have found some, somewhere. The longer this fiasco goes on the worse it gets and the suggestion that the residential citizens of our fair state turn off their gas warmers to assist the corporations to keep their huge profits alive and by keeping industry going is great especially when the Pollie that makes the suggestion (Tom Stevens) is the pollie for the pilbara or kimberley region that enjoys lovely weather this time of year. Its pissing rain and 8C and they want us to turn off our heating. Sure kill off a few more pensioners. that will suit the federal government down to the ground make it a lot easier than giving them money for food. This gas business is a disaster and nobody is putting their hand up to take the blame for being short sighted. Just get the project up and running, grab the huge profits at all costs, well now youve  f…ked up big time all of you, greedy profit taking businesses and politicians because you “Put All Your Eggs In One Basket” and you wont go cold and you wont loose your job and you wont go hungry………..your just a bunch of greedy bastards.

Tax On Oil Companies

A very interesting situation developed in the US senate regarding the imposing of a tax on oil companies that are reaping huge rewards due to the current crude oil prices. The tax will not be imposed because it will not lead to a reduction in the price of petrol/gas at the actual pump. Now thats very interesting and really cements my thoughts that the US is blessed with the same type of political dopes that breed here in Australia. If ordinary Mr/Mrs/Ms Smith (fictional) goes to work each day earns his/her/their wages they are made to pay tax, if they do overtime they earn more and so pay more tax, evryone knows that and now lives to expect that. The Smiths have no control or say in how that tax is to be used or if it going to benefit anyone, it goes to treasury and they allocate it to wherever. So with that in mind and returning to the multi rich oil companies why in the eyes of the smart senate should they be exempt these extra taxes just because the cannot be channelled back to petrol/gas pump. Why cant they be the same as everyone else and have the taxes go toward education hospitals and all other underfunded utilities. What are you nuts?  Youre fighting a war for oil funded by the Smiths and oil company fat cats are sitting back getting richer with senate approval. God Bless America.