Oil Companies….Modern Day bandits or Highwaymen

Its amazing how things change. Once upon a time travellers used to get robbed when they went from one place to another by highwaymen and bandits. Not now, the modern highwayman and bandit robs you before you start out but he goes under the name of oil companies. What I think is odd is that the price per barrel in New York varies from say $50 to $70 firm etc and yet when it gets to the petrol or gas pump the dollar changes and theres a point nine in there. How do they manage to devide the barrel up and arrive at $1.15.9 cents. Who endorced this decimal cheating. Why isnt it applied to milk or lemonade? they are liquids. We are robbed everyday and governments permit it, supermarkets charge $5.98 for honey yet the lowest coin is five cents so you lose two cents. Plain thieving and we poor bastards have to put up with it.