The Premier of Western Australia…………..Colin Barnett

Firstly let me point out that here in Perth WA we have a wonderful river the Swan River, a beautiful stretch of water that flows through Perth down to Fremantle then out into the Indian Ocean. What I would like to suggest to the people of Western Australia that voted for the Liberal Party at our last election is that they make their way to the narrows bridge or the Fremantle Traffic Bridge and GO JUMP IN THE RIVER. As you have probably realised by now your vote for this bucnch is sending us all down the river. This unprincipaled bunch of liars headed by FUERER BARNETT has already after only 10 weeks broken so many pre-election promises that any quality that liberal voters thought this dreadfull person had must now be shattered as the truth and the actions of this recycled political fool come to the fore.

Price rises across the board <strong


Colin Barnett & Rob Johnson

With all the gaffes that our police minister makes, plus the crazy hoon legislation, one wonders why something isnt being done to quell the groundswell of public and media support concerning his removal. Colin Barnett Australias highest paid premier says Rob is doing a good job. The truth is blatantly obvious to lateral thinkers. In this mish mash of state government, nationals and liberals there just isnt anyone brighter or smarter to do the job. I must admit I find it quite amazing that there are people out there that actually say to Mr Johnson “youre doing a good job Rob” mind you thats according to Mr Johnson. So whoever those Rob Johnson supporters are I suggest they go and declare themselves Asylum Seekers of a different kind.

Australia Day

Well Australia Day has come and gone for another year, here in West Australia tough legislation to control and minimise the drinking of alcoholic beverages outside designated controlled areas has brought some scorn and protest. The reason for the legislation was to try and make the areas where the public congregate to watch the firework display safer for the general public. The definition of “the public” evidently means people mainly families etc that can survive the ordeal of leaving their houses for a few hours on one day of the year and survive without alcoholic drinks. However, the fact that the number of people attending our river foreshores and vantage points to watch the fireworks was down on previous years, thus making life easier for our police that had less anti social behaviour to deal with has brought some protest. Our premier “Mr wanna be loved by everyone” states on television that the legislation will be looked at. WHY?. I suppose because it actually did what it was suppose to do and that was control drunks that lose control of themselves when they drink thus making other peoples lives a misery. Our police commisioner must have nightmares wondering whats coming next from this mish mash of political fools on the hill. People can celebrate being Australian for 364 days of the years consuming booze and knowing how lucky they are to be here, so for one day why not just let the legislation stay as it is. One must wonder how many of the people that stayed away were under the age of 21, thats the legal drinking age in the USA and they actually manage to survive so maybe our drinking age limit needs to be tweaked if a high percentage of the missing 100.000 fit into that age bracket. So please Mr Premier show some guts and leave the legislation alone and keep it as it is.

Western Australian Hoon laws

What a mess and a waste of time anti hoon this legislation is. The latest incident with the doctors car is a copycat from the movie “Ferris Buellers Day Off”. in the movie the parking attendents went joy riding in a ferrari or some such luxury car. Here its a mechanic in a doctors lamborghin, so lets face it you lock up the car to punish it? the car has broken the law? Give me a break this is the crap these pollies that earn a bloody fortune are dishing out to us. Wouldnt it make more sense to lock up the driver for 28 days then make him come up with $1200 plus what it cost to keep him for 28 days, I bet they’d slow down a bit then. As it is they can get in another car the next day and if the one thats impounded is a load od rubbish it stays in the hands of the police at more expense. Please lets get rid of this stupid Grylls-Barnett government before they drive us all mad and send us all broke.

Climate Change..Global Warming

I for one am in no doubt that the weather pattern is changing around the world and Australian weather has certainly altered. When I came here over 40 years ago we never really got into summer until January. One new years eve I had a party outside and had a huge fire that we all stood around socialising. There wasnt even fire bans as there was no need for such precautions. Then in a day or so summer started and lasted till befor easter. We always hoped that the rain would stay away for the easter holiday but it rarely did. Now our fine weather lasts till June, Im talking about Western Australia here and my personal knowledge when I lived on the outskirts of Fremantle.
Now, after having the Copenhagen meetings reported to us day by day for the past week or so and watching the worlds politicians and beaurocrats at work I wonder if I imagined that the weather was different 45 years ago. When the full impact of this planets increased temperature comes to bare a huge proportion of the earths population will be dead and buried and it seems to me that most people in this day and age have become fed up with all the rhetoric and bullshit thats being fed to us and the real problem is being overshaddowed and lost. We can only rely postumously that our grandchildren will be blessed with more intelligence than the rabble that is currently occupying Copenhagen and they will have the brains and courage to care about their children and grandchildren.
Small island nations are doomed and they know it, their plight is on the side of the ledger that comes under the climate change-global warming heading. They share the side of the ledger with melting snow caps, glaciers and the occupiers of this planet that know and have more sense than the human population on this issue. I m talking about the animals on this planet, their activities are being monitored by scientists and enviromentalists but nothing is being heeded. Every year Mother nature shows her increased strength and getting stronger each year by sending her earthquakes, cyclones, hurricans, floods, fires in protest against the way this planet is being mis-managed.
On the other side of the ledger that wields the power are the Corporates, big businesses, mining companies, oil companies that suck the earths natural resorces from the ground and sea make themselves wealthy and sit back and watch the destruction of the planet.
Nothing will ever change, ever, simply because we dont have the aptitude or the attitude to share, the well fed turn their backs on the hungry, the rich on the poor. We kill each other in the name of religion the millions of laws and regulation we live by and control our lives wouldnt be needed if it was possible to live by the Ten Commandments. So there we have it, or part of it anyway, the subject of our planet is endless and like those small island nations doomed.
So here in Australia our polititians fight for the common ground and voters ticks and crosses with all their smarmy rhetoric, lies and broken promises. Political parties, Labour, Liberal, Greens, Nationals and the private get rich quickers the Independents are a disgrace to this country, a country wallowing in wealth, but cannot share. Indigenus communities living in conditions of squalor, Australias shame to be hidden from the world. The elderly, sick, disabled, their carers managing on a pittance while these fat cat pollies and business executives wallow in wealth. The Federal and State treasuries need buildings, arenas, change the face of a whole city because thats important for the pollies image, something to gloat about, gets lots of media attention. But the people? who cares about them. We here in the West have the highest paid Premier and he isnt worth a cent of his wages.
So Climate Change….Global Warming just bring it on because you may as well die at the hands of Mother Nature than let these dreadful polititians kill you……….Merry Christmas.

Western Australia

Where is this state heading, water, electricity, health, food, grocery costs high by world standards, seniors xmas payment deferred, stop and search, name and shame and police powers increased. This is Western Australia today, and our government leaders parade around like peacocks telling us how well off we are and how rich we are with the inpending resorces boom. All these billions of dollars supposedly on its way in the year (2000 and youll be lucky to be alive) to know about it. What a bloody shambles a Liberal government that didnt have a majority to govern but given the right by an idiot called Grylls from a political party that has extorted money for regions to be wasted on projects they dont even need. The health boss quits because he cant get on with a sniffer dog that cant manage his own finances yet holds the office of treasurer. What a joke. I get the impression that chevron runs this state they
talk in billions of dollars yet nobody gets to see any benfits from its royalties. Why cant they pay tax as well, the wealth is in the ground and is owned by every Australian and we should see the benefits not just the politicians that want for nothing. We have a disgraceful situation here in W.A. that makes us all feel we are living in a police state and being ruled by self serving fools. All our resorces are being channelled out of the country and illegal immigrants arrive daily, they are better off than many. The recycled premier will never get voted in again the Liberal Party has made a laughing stock of governing this state and we the general public are the sufferers of their stupid heavy handed policies.

Brendan Grylls…National Party

As the Perth CBD suffers for lack of money, money is poured into worthless schemes in the bush as part of the deal that that Grylls made with the Liberals to allow them to form a government. Mr Barnett, the highest paid premier in Australia and the one with the least talent couldnt earn his wages if he worked 50 hours a day. Now we have Stop and Search, cuts in police vehicles. law and order a mess. Hospitals and ambulances a joke and an idiot who says we are happy to give up freedom for security like the germans did under Hitler. Who voted that nut into parliament, he even had the cheek to tell a story about his mother and a kind blackshirt. God help us. Thanks Mr Grylls I hope you rot.