Turnbull,Abbott, Hockey….The Three Stooges

What a disgraceful trio these three are, they have sunk to the lowest in anyones estimation and yet still continue with their arrogance towards us. They should be thrown out of parliament, they are not worthy to represent anybody. Not worth even wasting words on them, they are the pits. Auctually to refer to them as the Three Stooges is and insult the the Three Stooges, they at least brought happiness into peoples lives.


Just what  is going to come from this rubbish these guys have started. They wanted the Prime Minister to resign on a lie that seems to have been perpetrated by them themselves. The treasury guy at the top of the hate list was working for Hockey that speaks for itself, these arrogant pair should be thrown out of parliament, they are a disgrace to be be in the parliament. Now we have “The Abbott” grovelling  at their defence.  Abbott, the liberal party ‘s jerk for excuses. While all this crap is going on the nation can go to hell for all Turnbull, Hockey and Abbott care.


His wealth got him his power in the Liberal Party, he has achieved nothing, he has agreed with nothing, he has opposed everything. His colleagues stick to him like shit to a blanket with Hocking being the worst of them  Now its time for him to GO he is a disgrace in every form. He wants to lead Australia, he isnt fit to front for anything Australian. Goodbye and good ridance. I cant write anymore about him without feeling nauseus.

Taser Follow-up

This is the follow-up and first report from the Queensland Taser related death. Amazingly the TV News showed the person making the initial report just happened to be the Police Union Officer. He was obviously more concerned about the policeman who fired  the taser 28 times than he was about the victim. Let the dust settle and emotions calm down may well be the cry of authority, easy to say, but what about the victim and his family and close friends. They can just sit back and wait for the proverbial coronial whitewash that exonerates the people that are paid to protect us not kill us. They want us to understand that the victim died of a heart attack who wouldnt after being hit 28 times with whatever thousands of electric shocks going through his body. These taser deaths are a worldwide concern, roughly one a month in the USA and Australian Police proving they are incapeable of dealing with situations that need a calm head and expert handling.  The police involved should be charged with a willful act, they had other protective apparatus swinging from their belts that was less dangerous and life threatening. The problem is Where Will It End what other toy of destruction have they in mind to swing from their belts. God Help Us.



Police have called for the investigation into a Taser death in north Queensland to be allowed to run its course amid reports the victim had died of a heart attack.

Antonio Galeano was stunned up to 28 times and details of an autopsy published today by The Australian revealed the 34-year-old had a heart condition.

The report also says officers involved in the incident are under police protection following death threats.

Queensland Police Union acting president Ian Leavers says he is unaware of the autopsy results.

Mr Leavers says he cannot confirm the reports and wants an end to speculation.

He says the coroner’s investigation needs to run its course.

“What we need to do is for things to settle down, and I call for calm and let the investigation take its place,” he said.

“Let all the facts and all the evidence go before the coroner so a proper, informed decision can be made.

“[We’ve] got to be very careful not to interfere in the coronial investigation. There are strict rules and we must abide by them.

“I call for calm and I call for it on behalf of not only the police, but for the family of the deceased.

“This is a testing time for everyone involved and it’s causing more heartache for everyone involved.”

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Australian Parliament and the Greens

I think we can say we have heard it all now, the Green Party wants to turn the Parliament of Australia into a child minding service. Isnt it bad enough the these so called honourables act worse than a bunch of out of control kids but now we have a  female Green Senator Sarah Hanson that wants to cart her two year old around and even into the division chamber.  Its going to be interest what the outcome will be after Bob Brown sticks his bib in. Why on gods earth do we have to vote for this bunch of misfits. Compulsory voting SUCKS.

Taser Guns

The use of taser guns to apprehend suspected felons seems to be becoming more prevelent each day. I have to ask the question who s side are the police on. When they are called to a specific problem involving someone who is or maybe violent who makes the decicision as to what piece of armoury they use. The fact that they carry a Baton a Gun, Pepper Spray and Taser plus anything else that Im not aware of seems to me that as most incidents involve at least two or more police, this adds up to quite  attack force. So why is it  when deaths occur from the use by police ignorance of the weapons they have swinging from there belts from every country that use this type of “crime prevention tactics” there is no general pooling of information to prevent the inevitable.  In the USA last year a disturbed naked man was tasered whilst on a ledge about 20 meters from the ground and fell to his death. But that was tradgedy one, the second tradgedy was the officer who gave the order to his fellow officer to use the taser took his own life due to the shame he thought it might bring to his family and children. Thats just one incident where a taser has caused two unneccesary deaths. Recently a police office fired a taser at a man driving a vehicle, what type of idiot was he, recently another death in the eastern Australia and the latest one where a man was tasered and the gun was fired 28 times. To me that was not intended apprehension, it was downright   “Target Practice” and the perpetrator should be charged with excessive use of force causing death. What right does a person that becomes a policeman have the right to take life without the full knowledge of the suspect. If a suspect has a loaded gun and has fired it he deserves what he gets but someone with a screwdriver opr stick can surely be apprehended by using the array of weapons the police carry with them. But my point is this, all the things that have gone wrong around the world by using these weapons without sufficient knowledge or training should be collated and issued to every police officer so he/she understands the dangers they can put themselves in by taking an unneccesary life. Im sure it would be hard to live with the thought in your heart and mind that you had committed a licenced murder. The day after you wished you could turn the clock back, but its too late.