Hockey the twat cant get his budget passed billions he cant make up. Yet business and banks still make billions of dollars profit.

How come the banks do so well? I wonder if its because we never see our money anymore and evry transaction of what ever kind the banks make something out of it. Years ago it was never like that and there is a reason for that in my opinion. In days gone by we all went to work and at the end of the week we got paid in real money, then we made the decision whether we went to the bank and gave them what we could afford if we had any spare. But not now, we dont see our money everything is a transaction and has a cost. Hidden costs that we dont even know about but they make billions of dollars in profit. So why doesnt cigar smoking Joe grab some back off the banks to make up his shortfall. How much are governments under the banks thumb who controls what. Pay the worker in cash and let him/her make their own decisions what they do with their money.


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