The mind boggles for a visitor to your city when it comes to reading what your powers to be actually want put in place by law or intent that is supposedly for your benefit. I previously posted a blog regarding in regards to the MTA and its price increase, I mentioned in that blog the cleanliness or lack of it on the subway trains, now it seems your Mayor who seems to have total control of everything here is going to increase the number of cleaners on the subway by 11% I think I read. Is this man NUTS, he recently went to London to look into security cameras in action on their subway system and I suppose security cameras in general. Incidently I read that in the UK there is one camera for each 14 people and thats an incredible statistic if thats true. Anyway back to the subject, the subway commuter day start around 6.30am I would think and if you travel at that time the trains are reasonably clean and tidy. Thats the beginning of the day for those commuters to bring their breakfast on the train because they cant leave home a bit earlier or get up a bit earlier to actually consume their food before they get on the train, of course it would be ridiculous to think they could get up in time to actually eat like a human being before they leave the house. So progressively through the day the commuters bring and eat their food and dispense their newspapers and junk on the seats and floor of the train. The Mayors answer to the filthy unhygenic problem is to employ another 11% more cleaners to pick up the crap. This guys the Mayor? he s in charge of things here, boy does New York have a problem with him in charge. I visited Taiwan a few years ago and was impressed at the cleanliness of their subway system, and they achieved it in a way thats beyond comprehension in the city of New York with a Mayor that has the power to put things into operation yet doesnt have the brain power to find the correct solution to a problem. Im going to suggest to him a solution to the problem and it seems to work in Taiwan, STOP COMMUTERS TAKING THE CRAP ON THE TRAINS……..enforse rules or laws prohibiting food and drink beyond a certain point at the station and provide adequate recepticles to receive the rubbish. Transform your cleaners or a proportion of them plus the 11% you intend to employ if needed to ensure and enforce the law of cleanliness and hygene, its beyond all belief that anyone can enforce laws that ban smoking on trains and most other places yet cant stop them eatin and disposing rubbish on subway trains……………Fortunately Mayors in Australia dont have the same powers that they have in the USA which is a good thing in my eyes, I havent seen any bright ideas come from your Mayors thats actually benefit the general public. Your Mayors are politically active enough to run for President so lets face it if this Mayor has his eye on the White House in the future which might lead to cleaning up the world like the present one then make a start for the high office by cleaning up the New York subway system…………Thanks

Niagara Falls and the Seneca Casino

Had a great day yesterday visiting the Niagara Falls, weather was great and it really was a treat to be there. Then someone mentioned the casino, The SENECA CASINO in fact and what a good place it is for lunch etc. Truly it is a very nice place for food buffet style and so much of it. Prior to lunch we went into the smoke filled casino for an attempt at retracting cancer from willing smokers exhaling their crappy efluviums for all to breath. When we went to have lunch we remarked on that and were told there was a non smoking section of the playing area. So off to lunch which as I said was excellent. Now let me ask this question to people who enjoy smoking. Would you all walk through a sewer of shit and whatever to indulge in your smoking pleasure? Well would you? I doubt it very much so why should non smokers have to walk through the smoke filled area created by you to enjoy the same thing that you enjoy because thats exactly what its like for us and I intend to take this up with the casino. I cannot believe the selfishness of the CASINO to have sign saying NON SMOKING on counters where their staff are working and yet make its NON SMOKING clients suffer at the same time. Personally Im not a casino person but I love a bet but I can tell you this, unless you are a smoker then give this CASINO a big miss and stay out in the fress air by the Falls you may live longer. My summary ……..The FALLS, magnificent, the CASINO, nice food nice building nice location, but if your ambition is to go there to win your fortune the riches are outside in the fresh air. For the smokers I say good luck its, not your fault as long as you can cough your way to the casino doors they love you, RIP.